Sunday, March 25, 2012

It Wasn't Very Scientific

Facebook is not my friend. I noticed yesterday that someone had unfriended me. The noive!! It is not something I normally track, but it was fairly obvious since my number of friends was down to a round number.

It never occurred to me that my spontaneous posts about such things as cellulite and reinforcements and phrases such as "If life gives you melons, you may be dyslexic" may be annoying to some.

Well, maybe it did occur to me-- but I wasn't going to censor myself. However, I may need to re-think this stance now that VC's girl who is a friend's mom is now following my posts along with some other folks who may not appreciate my humor.

Being as immature as I am, I posted this today
"Guess I'm just not high-brow enough - pfffft..."

A friend wanted to know how I knew who it was so I revealed: "I noticed I was down one and then did some research and by research I mean guessing ;-) "

and in my research I discovered that not one but TWO friends I went to elementary school with had unfriended me - I just hadn't noticed the other until now...

Should I be spending time on this when I need to learn to wrap splints and give shots??? No, I should not.

But I wanted to share the happy part of the story. I logged onto FB a couple minutes ago and a person I think very highly of wrote this message to me:

"Young lady, anyone who doesn't want to be your friend is an idiot. Your posts are so much fun to read..... Anyway, you are a delight, don't change a thing!"

BIG SMILE and now I can go to bed.


P.S. I know I'm very wimpy going back to blogger but I love the simplicity. I do not have time to work out the wordpress kinks - the design is lousy compared to my wp one but what do you guys think about ease of reading, etc?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

One of the Most Disturbing Videos I've Seen in a While

This girl is 15 years old and she has made herself to be like a Japanese doll. Incredibly bizarre. She wears contact lenses with a line around the iris, like a doll's eyes. Now, show me and ophthalmologist who would condone that...Not to judge, but it seems like quite the unhealthy obsession. Super freaky.

Her accent is cringe-worthy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Things I Accomplished Over Spring Break

Today is my last day of spring break and I've got the "Return to School Blues," normally known as the "Sunday Blues." But I've got a small sense of satisfaction knowing that I accomplished a thing or two that I set out to do over the break:

(1) My husband couldn't contain his excitement yesterday when he exclaimed, "Car, I haven't seen the bottom of the hamper in like a year." Yep, the old lady's been doing some laundry on spring break...

(2) Thorough house cleaning also checked off list. Thanks to the Magic Eraser the stain on the stove that I thought could not be removed, is no longer with us.

(3) Learned a lot about osteoporosis while researching for an upcoming presentation. Ladies, respect your bones!!!

(4) Gained 3 pounds from snacking all day every day whilst home working on school stuff. I did not set out to do this but I accomplished it anyway - GRRRRRR...

(5) Learned that I am a consummate micro-manager. My son pointed this out as I continually reminded him about upcoming deadines he needed to get a move on. Micromanaging is one of my few strengths so I will continue to do so.

(6) Barked orders. This was also pointed out to me. What can I say, sometimes that's the only way to enlist help around the house.

(7) Learned the contraindications of many drugs while preparing drug cards to keep in my pocket when I eventually go to work. Very weird but we have been instructed to do so.

(8) Checked blood pressure and pulses on the other two living beings in the house. Just trying to get my confidence going...Not so good yet on the practical side of things.

(9) Started labeling the 500 photos I ordered from Snapfish. Disappointed that I still have a huge stack. Remind me not to take so many pictures in the future. I mean 30+ photos from one day at the Renfest and about 100 photos from my son cheering with the chicks at the football game. They all pretty much resemble each other after a while. Time to stop preserving moments and start living in the moment!!!

(10) Made paninis. You know this is my latest addiction. nom. nom. nom.

(11) Checked and on a consistent basis throughout each day.

(12) While studying, tried to prevent exhaustion and stayed hydrated so I wouldn't have a meltdown like the Kony guy.

(13) Got my oil changed.

(14) Exercised to Get Ripped in 30. 'fraid it will be more like Ripped in 366 from the looks of things. Never realized how out of shape I've allowed myself to get. Out of shape as in unfit. Jillian may be right that I have clearly not been bringin' my A Game.

What are some things you accomplished this week. Let's compare!

***OH my gawd, I forgot to mention finalizing and filing my taxes!! Always such a PIA, I must have subconsiously blocked it from my mind.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Almost Spring Break Time!!

One more day and I can clear my mind for a week. Of course, there will still be plenty of projects to work on so it will still be like I am at school.

But, I wanted to take the opportunity to put a new post up on my blog. It seems like I am not the only one who has been drifting away from blogging. It is a love/hate relationship that I have with it right now. But in the back of my mind I feel like what if my job is not ALL THAT and I need an outlet. Then what will I do without the blog???????? (suggestions welcome)

The gallery I used to work - errrr blog at - closed last week. They just couldn't survive without me ;-) I bumped into one of the artists today and I was like it was a whole 'nother life. My life before all this craziness set in - that I had to prove myself and get an official "occupation." I had a feeling my job would be short-lived when I quit 9 months ago and I guess I can now confirm it was the right decison...

Remember my post last year about bloggers getting divorced/separated; everybody thought I was crazy - but now - Dooce!!! Didn't see that one coming. (I realize this news is about a month old - just goes to show how relevant my blog is ;-) . My bad plastic surgery obsession continues, and seeing Daryl Hannah in this montage is incredibly depressing. Why??????????

The bellydance studio that I have been going to is closing the satellite location where I take classes and I have no desire to drive close to an hour to get to the main studio. So it may have been my last recital for a long time. In honor of that, here is a photo of me at the recital in my "I Dream of Jeanie $30 costume." My dancing has improved only slightly....which is the beauty of a still shot :P

[caption id="attachment_6209" align="aligncenter" width="377" caption="That's Me at the Far Left (which is a good thing)"][/caption]

Faces of my fellow dancers have been blurred since I doubt they would want to appear here.

Lots of school stuff going on but I'll save that for another post, which will ensure another post :D

Miss you guys!!!
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