Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Download, Save"

It's been a hectic week but something cracked me up today at school so I'll take a lesson from Lazy Blogging 101 and cut and paste from Facebook :D

Should I be insulted or flattered? My classmates divulged to me today that when I ask a question and then the prof answers and I say "uh-huh" they immediately think "Download, Save" because they think I have some extra special memory recall. I don't. I just read the books. A lot :D I'm really no smarter than anyone else, but I won't tell them that ;-)

Guess this is one of those things that I'll need to get used to since the girls seem fond of giving me a good natured ribbing. But I do wonder if deep down they are hatin' on me!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Have You Ever Had the Unfortunate Experience of Ordering Something from I have.

Weeks ago, at the beginning of the semester, I realized I would need to purchase a textbook code to go with a used book I had purchased. I went to my "go to" site, Amazon, but could not locate it there, so I searched some more and found it online at I ordered on a Wednesday, figuring it would be at my house on time for class the following Tuesday. I know, What was I thinking? It was being shipped by the U.S. Post Office!!! By the time I realized the book was scheduled to arrive the following Thursday I inquired about my return options.

The customer service rep advised me to do a "Return to Sender." Outside of the Elvis song, I've not had any experience with Return to Sender.

Over the past month and a half I have become very experienced. The text code shipped back via slow boat to China and over a month later it is finally at the Barnes and Noble warehouse in Kearny, NJ.

But I still don't have my refund. Mind you, I never even touched the box because I notified my carrier before it arrived at my mailbox.

In addition to a useless email exchange with one of their reps, I went online with Barnes and Noble chat and waited 25 minutes for a rep to get online. 25 minutes for online chat!!! He assured me he would expedite things and I'd see a refund in 5 to 6 business days.

Still no refund and I was getting antsy so I spoke to a rep today who seemed a little too confrontational for my taste. He explained that the Barnes and Noble policy was that I would see a refund in ONE TO TWO BUSINESS CYCLES - which can be interpreted to mean one or two credit card statements even tough I paid by paypal. He insisted the rep I chatted with last week did not tell me 5 to 6 business days. Couldn't he look it up in the transcript?

Can a company seriously do business like this and compete against Amazon where a refund occurs as soon as the package arrives?

I know I will not be ordering again from unless it is a product that exists no where else on Planet Earth!!

There. I'm done venting.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Earning Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

I was talking with a couple classmates after class and the one was encouraging me to go to nursing school since I did so well on the entrance exam - which is the test I took last year when I applied for and was accepted to the PT Assistant thingy at the other college.

Anyway, so I was saying at my age it doesn't make sense to spend too much more time in school. And then one of them asked how old I was and they were floored. These are girls who have been in class with me for over 6 months. I'm extra self-conscious about my age now that I have reached my coughmidforties But I'm glad I revealed it since now maybe I'll get some respect as the "experienced in life" student. They'll be like, who cares if the old lady got a [insert grade] - at that age she is lucky she can still think, especially after a recent study revealed that mental decline officially starts at age 45.

P.S. I am still not receiving email notifications of your comments and I have no idea how to fix it since the box under Settings Discussion is set at "E-mail me whenever Anyone posts a comment." $20 giftcard up for grabs if you can fix it. I'm afraid it may have to do with another conflicting plug-in. So that's why I am still unable to email you back when you leave a comment.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh, to be in a Book!!

I just noticed that a blogger whose blog I read every so often is going to be featured in a book.

No sooner had I read this than I turned green with envy and got all ga ga eyed. A book! How fabulous.

For years I've had this hang up that I need to validate my existence somehow and one way to do it would be in a book. Only problem is that I am not a "writer," have lived a fairly mundane middle class existence - no gritty stories to tell about being raised on the street and living out of a van. Nothing special. Didn't move around a lot, got good grades, i.e. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!

I've known a few people who have written books, published by those small publishing houses. Let's be honest, if you really want to publish a book, if you pay the money, you can have your book published.

And is it really any sort of validation? or is this just another one of my weird ideals?

Maybe I'm more suited to writing than working in the medical field - that's a given, but do I need a book to validate my existence. I need to find some heavy books to try and flatten out my textbook that is now water damaged. So I have a use for my "non-existent soon to be written" book already.

How about you?

Shameless Son Promotion

As I wait for my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream to arrive (to make me happy after a score that was less than what I had hoped for on my online test today - booooooo!) - Figured I'd post VC's latest Epic video release. Thank you for your sweet comments on my last post :)

As you can see, at least one of us is perfecting some skills. Although I'll admit my urinalysis interpretation is going a little better this week....ever onward and hopefully upward!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

She's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, how I have missed this little corner of the Internet where I post useless information that people occasionally stop by to read...without me having to force them to.

I'm almost one month into the semester and it has gotten me beat. Middle Aged College Student is not an easy role to play.

I'd be studying now were it not for the fan that has been circulating air on my textbook and workbook for 6+ hours now after my water bottle leaked over my books :-O) Clearly I do not live right. And so much for book buyback - darnit!!!

I was speaking to a dear friend today (shout out to Philsy!) who reads my blog every now and then and it gave me that little boost of energy and inspiration I needed.

How are you doing friends?? I miss you and will slowly work my way around to your sites, when I am not studying for the 10 tests I have scheduled for this month. That is the honest truth. I just confirmed it by looking up at my $6.00 dry erase board that has removed some of the paint from my wall...

I may be looking like the woman in the previous post by the time graduation rolls around.

Tell me something fabulous that has been going on in your life...I like to live vicariously....If you are one of my 4 regular returning visitors please share your names. I admire your dedication :D

TTFN. I'm off to google if stress causes "constipation" I've had plenty of both.
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