Thursday, January 5, 2012

Evil Doesn't Do a Body or Face Good

I was stunned to see the photo accompanying this article about a local case that made nationwide news: the Zara Baker case wherein the evil stepmom (pictured) admitted to killing and chopping up her disabled step-daughter.

The woman pictured is 43 years old!!!!! Not 83 - 43!!!

In my own effort to stave off resembling that photo, I just returned from the determatologist. I had not been to one in years - I was given the sobering news that what I thought were two new moles were really "old people spots" :-(

Time to get out the duct tape which worked the last time!!

Pet Update: thank you for all of your thoughtful responses. We have made the decision to hold off for now. There is a whole big story behind it involving someone who we let get too close to us - and things finally hit the fan yesterday. I do not want this sweet little pet to be associated with people who bring me unhappiness. That in addition to the other concerns mentioned brought us to this conclusion. My break from school has not been much of a break stress-wise...

I may need to do a password protected post to get it all off my chest, after all, my chest needs to look perky for the recital this weekend :D
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