Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The End of Google Friend Connect - Even for Blogger?

Man, I've gotta get my head outta the sand. Just realized why my blog readership is down by 300+

I did some searching and realized Google has phased out Google Friend Connect - on Blogger, as well as wordpress, which we all pretty much knew about (the wordpress part). I was under the impression that it was still going to exist for Blogger - and have recently acquired a couple new followers on Friend Connect. It is basically a phantom follow - where they will not receive updates?

Apparently, it has been replaced by Google+ -- but who uses Google + ??

Has your readership plummeted since the change was implemented - or has it not yet been implemented and my Feedburner is still frigged up?

Advice on where to go from here greatly appreciated.

This is what happens when I have my head in the sand for a year doing my college studies. All sorts of changes!!

I posted an inquiry in the Blogger Forum earlier this morning and I can still hear crickets chirping probably because all the Blogger Pros are thinking *gosh* *idiot!*

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Charlotte Klein said...

I really never liked Google+ but I enjoyed GFC, I just thought it was an easy way to gain followers (and save feeds in one place).

I myself have also had head in the sand for some time so am not of much help here. Sorry!

Rebecca Jo said...

I sent a question MONTHS ago & still crickets...

I just want to delete some blogs thatdont blog anymore out of my reader, but cant even do that. :(

Lucy said...

Most bloggers use different methods, many use google reader, so they just subscribe,others use email ( I get about a handful or so through email) others choose Twitter feeds,facebook and some signed up on the Mr.Linky Tool(I never did the Linky)
In addition, most bloggers track their actual numbers by using a tracker, Google Analytics or such.
I guess, it depends what you are trying to track!
Good Luck!

LL Cool Joe said...

I don't want to go on Blogger+ because it seems we lose our normal profile. But I also cannot stop following old blogs that have closed now either.

So you think we aren't showing up in readers now?? Yes my comments are down a bit.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I'm going to miss GFC. That stinks.

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