Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies

Yes, I'm going to weigh in on the Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton hospital ordeal. What a sad, sad outcome to a ridiculous prank by two imbecile DJ's.

I've never been a fan of the prank phone call. However, there were some local DJ's who did it as a friend pranking a friend or wife pranking a husband, and it was kinda funny, and they always cut the prank off at the point the other person started getting angry. It wasn't as much the DJ's pulling the prank, but more the friend of the prankee.

I can get that.

This was a completely another story. One thing I learned in the medical program I took at college last year is that they instill the Fear of God in all of the students, lest they EVER violate HIPAA and disclose personal information. Fines are discussed and let me say they are HUGE ASS fines.

I can imagine this nurse working to support her two children (makes it even sadder) - working horrendous hours, under constant stress for probably 1/4 of what these scatterbrained DJ's were making. Even if she wasn't disciplined by the hospital (which is what I've read so far) - she undoubtedly took her job very very seriously.

Here I go rambling on - when I forgot to mention the one thing I wanted to mention, about what I heard the day of the suicide - from a local talk radio guy who I have respect for - he said that the DJ's were not at fault and he didn't even think they should have apologized!!  That's crazy talk.

When did we get so full of ourselves that an apology, when not legally required, is deemed unnecessary?

Of course they should have apologized - and that's pretty much the one thing they did correctly.

This local guy felt that this type of pranking is done all the time - Candid Camera and Letterman and Leno were his examples, which made it completely acceptable. Uh, OK. Except this particular prank violated all sorts of privacy laws. We are talking eggs and oranges.

What are your thoughts?

Is it all fair game?



Where the Fur Flies said...

We're me deep in generation me - of course they should apologize. Or, better yet, think that maybe somebody pays for others' amusement every time a prank happens.

ps - I finally see your updates in my blog roll. Yippee!

Lucy said...

I think it is very sad and they did the human thing and apologized. To me that is the end of it and honestly, it is sad that she did such an over reaction to a prank? Personally, I find it odd as a mother?

Kristina P. said...

I've worked with suicidal people for many, many years. And rarely do you find that they think about hurting themselves due to one event. I suspet that this woman was dealing with a lot of other demons, and perhaps this even pushed her over the edge. Do I think that the DJ's are to blame for her death? No. Do I think they were asshats? Yes.

Lauren E said...

Oh my god this is the first time I heard that the nurse actually killed herself after the prank. I thought the DJs were low for what they did before this, but I'm so sad that it had to end up this way. I agree with the other comments in here that this must have been some sort of last straw. I definitely think the DJs were wrong for what they did and I'm glad they are broken up about it and apologetic, but it seems like a somewhat extreme reaction and think that maybe she had other issues. I feel so badly for her children. :(

LL Cool Joe said...

What the dj's did was appalling. A cheap laugh that ended in tragedy. I'm not sure if it was the last straw for the nurse. Maybe she was the kind of person that took her job very seriously. She worked in the "Royal" hospital, and realised that what she did could have been very dangerous. Maybe she felt that she'd let everyone down.

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