Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dancing with the People You Wish Would Disappear and Never Be Heard from Again

Word comes today that former Bachelor-contender and Bachelorette Emily Maynard will be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars - the 16th Season.

Has the show sunken this deep that this is what qualifies as a "Star?" They are clearly at the bottom of the barrel. I know this complaint has been going on from at least Season 3 but this is really stretching it.

Melissa Rycroft, the winner of DWTS All-Stars falls in the same vein. She was a good dancer, but a "Star??"

I have not watched in several seasons and now that Emily will be on the next one, I'll be gladly tuning out.

Flu Shot Update: I bit the bullet and got a flu shot this morning. Our wonderful insurance plan will only cover if we go to a doctor's office or the Minute Clinic - so convenient - NOT!!  What about heading to the pharmacy that is on every street corner??  They sure don't make it convenient.

I decided to go after the school sent out an email about flu cases already at the school. With all of the substituting I've been doing lately, I didn't want to chance it. I got so freaked out though by going to the doctor's office -- I had to sit for an hour in the waiting room w/people coughing, I was ready to flee....Made sure to use my OWN pen to sign in ;-)


Lisa Paul said...

Hey, just went back to your blog after seeing you on Bossy's site. That site hadn't been updated since spring and now I find you have another identical twin site that you have been updating. How are juggling balls bouncing?

Lucy said...

I was so made at who won the All Stars, I don't watch regularly, I pop in and out and totally agree with you, they are bottom barreling it!

Glad you got your flu shot, and hope you have healthy season :)

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