Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bad Disguises

Do you notice whenever someone is on the run, their dye of choice is jet black??? And their haircut is shorn close to their heads. Like that will be very hard to spot.

Didn't work too well for John McAfee. Or maybe he was going for the John Travolta look?

If I am ever on the lam, I'm going bleach blonde - with extensions! What about you?

BTW, if  you want the "Fort Knox" of computer security, I recommend Kaspersky.

With the blogging expertise of my cowboy friend Lisa, it looks like my feed is finally fixed - Hallellujah. Hopefully some of you have kept me in your readers :)


Kelly Robinson said...

Dyed beards are even worse. Like no one's going to notice a jet-black beard -- especially when you have blonde eyebrows.

Arlee Bird said...

With the little hair that I do have color is not that much of an option. I guess I could go with a wig. Would a rainbow afro clown wig be too conspicuous?

A Faraway View

Lisa Paul said...

My disguise will be a David Bowie style multicolored wig (from his Ziggy Stardust phase.) Plus a trenchcoat. I figure, if you look like you are calling attention to yourself, no one will think you are the person on the lam.

Lucy said...

Hmm, not sure how I would go on the lam? But, it would be fun to wear an auburn wig, just because I have always wanted pretty auburn hair!

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