Sunday, November 18, 2012

Se Habla Español?

Last week was insanely busy workwise - so crazy hours - between substituting and my medical thing - which required two stints from 8-midnight. It truly felt good to be productive once again.

There were a lot of Spanish speaking employees at two of the health screenings - which got me to thinking - it would be extremely advantageous to pick up some phrases in Spanish.

Have any of you taken any online courses in Spanish for medical professionals - specifically geared towards the nutrition end of things?

I am far from a "quick study" when it comes to languages, as evidence the months I spent studying sign language and all I really remember is the symbol for "fire" since it was funky....

This is the last weekend of the Renaissance Festival which means I will be sleeping late again on the weekends. Oh joyous joy!!!!

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Lucy said...

I took 4 yours in High School and 4 years in college And I took a trip to Spain AND I live part of the time in Arizona, now AND I can't speak a lick of Spanish. Hey, but I sing it at Mass. I have started watching the Spanish channel hoping to pick some of it up!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
P.S. wish I could get you back in my google reader.

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