Friday, November 23, 2012

Out and About on Black Friday? Oh Yes I Was!!

I've written before about how I detest both getting up early and waiting in long lines for things. Consequently, it came as quite a surprised when I agreed to go with a friend and her kids do do some Black Friday shopping this morning.

First, she picked me up at the bright and early hour of 10:45 a.m.

We headed to Kohl's armed with our coupons!!  I used to shop there more years ago but I still go occasionally - and my thoughts this morning were that I would grab up one of those Kitchen Aid stand mixers that I saw in the Black Friday flyer. Yes indeed. I had my heart set on one, especially once I calculated the savings taking into account the $10 coupon plus the 15% off coupon plus the extra early bird 10% discount plus the $15 for every $50 spent dealy.

Here's the irony, as so eloquently explained in a comment from my cousin's wife: "Hmmmm, should come in handy w/all that cooking that u do ;-D"

Well, the cat is outta the bag regarding my non-cooking.

It was more of an early Christmas gift for MB even though it is far from his real gifts, to be detailed later. He can use it when he makes pizza and his pretzels on Christmas Eve.

Another thing that totally rocked was that my friend's daugher agreed to stay in line - and it was an extensive line- while we ran around and picked out our stuff. Please don't hate me for this ;-) I finally found the mixer after 15+ minutes waiting at customer service, because for some reason the folks at Kohl's decided to put that mixer in the middle of the aisle near the shoe department as opposed with the rest in the kitchen area - go figure!!!  I arrived at the cash register just as she finished her transaction so I had zero wait time. Super awesome!!!

Did you score any Black Friday deals today?


Lucy said...

I have a friend who absolutely loves Black Friday and she was getting up at 3 am AND taking her two teenage daughters, you know,passing the tradition on :)
Oh, and my niece went today and she said she got some awesome deals and great prices on the toys for her little ones.
I have a confession, I have never done Black Friday, I have shopped on Friday, after Thanksgiving but it was in NYC on 5th Avenue and that was a blast, but not quite the same as going to Walmart,Best Buy and Kohl's.

Salt said...

You are far braver than I. I refuse to go out on Black Friday. Actually I take that back...I had to go to Target for diapers but it was like 6pm and the bad crowds were gone.

I do almost all my shopping online. (Happy Cyber Monday!)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I went to best buy. First time ever out on a black friday. But got a new stove and microwave. YIPEE!
I knew what i wanted and went in and handed them what I printed and paid and left. All done in 20 minutes time.

For some reason can't add or delete my google reader and can't add your site. Drives me mad. I will try the feed.

LL Cool Joe said...

Just so you know your posts still don't show up in my reader for weeks! It's so damn irritating. We don't have Black Friday here I'm glad to say but I hate shopping, but i have to admit I'm even finding on-line shopping a pain in the butt now too.

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