Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where Do I Start

I figured I'd post an update on all the exciting goings on around here. Only they aren't very exciting.

My internship wrapped up a week ago and since then I've been trying to get organized and to start exercising daily again. I really softened up with 10 months of focusing on school. I hear jogging adds 5.6 years to your life, hence I decided to try it this morning. I still hate it as much as I did prior. Probably will stick with the elliptical and weights. boooooring.

Sent in a resume the other day for a local doctor who has a part-time opening. It is mostly administrative, not clinical but it is a foot in the door. Also applied for a PRN (as needed) job with an orthopedist. Thing is that most jobs are requiring 1-2 years experience which I do not have. Gonna have to wow them with my "maturity" instead ;-)

How official do I look in my scrubs????

And for fun I applied for a cake decorating position at a local supermarket. The salary was comparable to Med Assisting. Ends up that without experience I'd have to start in the deli department though (which was not specified in the ad), so I kindly declined the interview. If I'm gonna work in a supermarket it's gotta be something fun!! *not that there is anything wrong with a deli job; I may still end up there...

Starting over jobwise at the bottom in my mid-forties is very daunting. And depressing.

Looking to keep it part-time for now so I can fully enjoy VC's activities the next two years before he heads off to college. sniff. sniff.

I would so love to be doing something creative but that is not where the jobs are and all of my creative endeavors in the past have been epic failures in one sense or another.

Will keep you updated on whether I actually land an interview and how that goes. Interviews were never my forte.

Boy, I can just sense all the positivity in this post already!!

That's about it in a nutshell. I graduated with my Medical Assisting diploma, finished my internship, spent a few days in lovely Charleston, SC and am now spending my free time trying to get organized, price out new tires, catch up on paperwork, carting VC around to gigs, exfoliating, yadda yadda yadda.

I sure hope your lives are a lot more exciting. Enlighten me :)

Oh, and VC is on a trip to Costa Rica. That lucky dude!!! Plus he was on a local morning news show last week.


LL Cool Joe said...

Well if your life is boring I dread to think what mine is! You scrub up well!

Good luck with the job interviews. Here in the Uk it's hard to get a job whatever your age. Loads of youngsters are leaving school and Uni unable to find a job. Sad times.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

congratulations on all this good stuff happening! Think positive. (don't you just want to bitch slap people who say that?)

It could be worse....try starting again at 50 or over. It's depressing as hell.

Lucy said...

Congrats!!! Love the photo!

Oh, and Good Luck on the job search.
I totally know how you feel about interviews,they are not my forte either, you are probably an introvert like me and it is hard to interview.

How exciting VC in Costa Rica!!

McVal said...

Hey!!! Welcome back!!! and congrats!! You look way professional in the scrubs. I hope you find a good job in that field, but if you go into a creative type thing too, then you GO girl!

otin said...

It seems that doing anything in your mid forties is challenging. lol

It's funny that the deli pay is as good as the other job pay.

Blond Duck said...

Have you tried treadmill intervals? I hate jogging outside but love intervals!

Charlotte Klein said...

Awww, you look so beautiful in that picture, Carma!

Good luck with your job search, and don't despair. I have faith that you will find something you love. We're all just searching and waiting for something really exciting to come along. You have much to offer to any employer, my dear. XOXO

Robin said...

Oh that is great Carma..Congrats to you...!

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