Wednesday, February 1, 2012

She's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, how I have missed this little corner of the Internet where I post useless information that people occasionally stop by to read...without me having to force them to.

I'm almost one month into the semester and it has gotten me beat. Middle Aged College Student is not an easy role to play.

I'd be studying now were it not for the fan that has been circulating air on my textbook and workbook for 6+ hours now after my water bottle leaked over my books :-O) Clearly I do not live right. And so much for book buyback - darnit!!!

I was speaking to a dear friend today (shout out to Philsy!) who reads my blog every now and then and it gave me that little boost of energy and inspiration I needed.

How are you doing friends?? I miss you and will slowly work my way around to your sites, when I am not studying for the 10 tests I have scheduled for this month. That is the honest truth. I just confirmed it by looking up at my $6.00 dry erase board that has removed some of the paint from my wall...

I may be looking like the woman in the previous post by the time graduation rolls around.

Tell me something fabulous that has been going on in your life...I like to live vicariously....If you are one of my 4 regular returning visitors please share your names. I admire your dedication :D

TTFN. I'm off to google if stress causes "constipation" I've had plenty of both.

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