Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh, to be in a Book!!

I just noticed that a blogger whose blog I read every so often is going to be featured in a book.

No sooner had I read this than I turned green with envy and got all ga ga eyed. A book! How fabulous.

For years I've had this hang up that I need to validate my existence somehow and one way to do it would be in a book. Only problem is that I am not a "writer," have lived a fairly mundane middle class existence - no gritty stories to tell about being raised on the street and living out of a van. Nothing special. Didn't move around a lot, got good grades, i.e. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!

I've known a few people who have written books, published by those small publishing houses. Let's be honest, if you really want to publish a book, if you pay the money, you can have your book published.

And is it really any sort of validation? or is this just another one of my weird ideals?

Maybe I'm more suited to writing than working in the medical field - that's a given, but do I need a book to validate my existence. I need to find some heavy books to try and flatten out my textbook that is now water damaged. So I have a use for my "non-existent soon to be written" book already.

How about you?

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