Thursday, February 9, 2012

Earning Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

I was talking with a couple classmates after class and the one was encouraging me to go to nursing school since I did so well on the entrance exam - which is the test I took last year when I applied for and was accepted to the PT Assistant thingy at the other college.

Anyway, so I was saying at my age it doesn't make sense to spend too much more time in school. And then one of them asked how old I was and they were floored. These are girls who have been in class with me for over 6 months. I'm extra self-conscious about my age now that I have reached my coughmidforties But I'm glad I revealed it since now maybe I'll get some respect as the "experienced in life" student. They'll be like, who cares if the old lady got a [insert grade] - at that age she is lucky she can still think, especially after a recent study revealed that mental decline officially starts at age 45.

P.S. I am still not receiving email notifications of your comments and I have no idea how to fix it since the box under Settings Discussion is set at "E-mail me whenever Anyone posts a comment." $20 giftcard up for grabs if you can fix it. I'm afraid it may have to do with another conflicting plug-in. So that's why I am still unable to email you back when you leave a comment.

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