Monday, December 17, 2012

Beauty Things I Like Lately

I am far from a beauty blogger, but every now and then I like to pass on some products that struck my fancy and made me say "ohhhhh...." as I was pleasantly surprised at  how well they worked.

The first product is perfect for holiday parties. I put on this polish in preparation for my husband's company holiday party - and met up w/a friend beforehand. She was raving about how awesome it looked- and it is a steal at only $2.99 - Maybelline Color Show Metallics in Gold:

One downside is that the color doesn't fare too well by Day 3...but by that point the party will be over (hopefully)...However, I only put on one coat which may have had something to do with it.

The second product that I figured would be a total dud based on some negative online reviews - but turned out to be a winner is Garnier's new BB Cream.

If you are new to BB Creams and are wondering what the fuss is all about - according to Wikipedia, these products are considered a "blemish balm, blemish base, or Western markets, beauty balm"

The product is intended to be an multipurpose product which replaces  serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock.

One of the main complaints is the odor. It does have a rather strong odor - but unlike what I've read, the odor dissapates rather quickly and you are left with a smooth, even dewy finish. I am very happy with the product. I first learned about it when Allure Magazine Best of Beauty #1 BB Cream. At only $11.99 - it is worth a try if you are on the fence :) I switched from my ridiculously expensive tinted moisturizer and am happy I did!

There are several more products I hope to post about in the future...hopefully some of you find this type of post helpful.

And, finally, congratulations to Rebecca Jo, winner of my NOVICA giveaway!! So many goodies to choose from!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

R.I.P. Ravi Shankar

One of the vivid memories I have from grade school was learning about Ravi Shankar and his sitar...I was saddened to learn he passed away today.

Do any of you recall this photo?

Not to date myself - but we learned about him by watching a film strip on a projector such as this:

...those were the days!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The End of Google Friend Connect - Even for Blogger?

Man, I've gotta get my head outta the sand. Just realized why my blog readership is down by 300+

I did some searching and realized Google has phased out Google Friend Connect - on Blogger, as well as wordpress, which we all pretty much knew about (the wordpress part). I was under the impression that it was still going to exist for Blogger - and have recently acquired a couple new followers on Friend Connect. It is basically a phantom follow - where they will not receive updates?

Apparently, it has been replaced by Google+ -- but who uses Google + ??

Has your readership plummeted since the change was implemented - or has it not yet been implemented and my Feedburner is still frigged up?

Advice on where to go from here greatly appreciated.

This is what happens when I have my head in the sand for a year doing my college studies. All sorts of changes!!

I posted an inquiry in the Blogger Forum earlier this morning and I can still hear crickets chirping probably because all the Blogger Pros are thinking *gosh* *idiot!*

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Monday, December 10, 2012


I think I may have insulted our new neighbor who moved here from London. As she was speaking, I detected a bit of a Jersey accent underneath her British accent. Sure 'nuff. She hailed from NJ originally, much like this Jersey Girl, but I could tell that she firmly identified w/Britain - having lived there for 15 years.

It always surprises me when people who are born and raised in one area, move to another - and subsequently take on a whole new accent. Think Madge when she adopted her British accent after spending some - emphasis on "some" - time in Britain.

Having lived in the South for nearly 20 years now, people can still tell that I am a Yankee.

I may have adopted some of the colloquial expressions from the area e.g. "all y'all,"get me some," etc. but my dialect remains firmly Jersey.

Have you come across this before? Did you move somewhere and now have a completely different accent? What are your thoughts on Madge (aka Madonna)?

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies

Yes, I'm going to weigh in on the Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton hospital ordeal. What a sad, sad outcome to a ridiculous prank by two imbecile DJ's.

I've never been a fan of the prank phone call. However, there were some local DJ's who did it as a friend pranking a friend or wife pranking a husband, and it was kinda funny, and they always cut the prank off at the point the other person started getting angry. It wasn't as much the DJ's pulling the prank, but more the friend of the prankee.

I can get that.

This was a completely another story. One thing I learned in the medical program I took at college last year is that they instill the Fear of God in all of the students, lest they EVER violate HIPAA and disclose personal information. Fines are discussed and let me say they are HUGE ASS fines.

I can imagine this nurse working to support her two children (makes it even sadder) - working horrendous hours, under constant stress for probably 1/4 of what these scatterbrained DJ's were making. Even if she wasn't disciplined by the hospital (which is what I've read so far) - she undoubtedly took her job very very seriously.

Here I go rambling on - when I forgot to mention the one thing I wanted to mention, about what I heard the day of the suicide - from a local talk radio guy who I have respect for - he said that the DJ's were not at fault and he didn't even think they should have apologized!!  That's crazy talk.

When did we get so full of ourselves that an apology, when not legally required, is deemed unnecessary?

Of course they should have apologized - and that's pretty much the one thing they did correctly.

This local guy felt that this type of pranking is done all the time - Candid Camera and Letterman and Leno were his examples, which made it completely acceptable. Uh, OK. Except this particular prank violated all sorts of privacy laws. We are talking eggs and oranges.

What are your thoughts?

Is it all fair game?


Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Unique Giveaway!!

I've posted in the past about the unique gift site NOVICA.

I cannot say enough great things about this company and the artisans it promotes and supports around the world. NOVICA has recently launched a Gift Finder to help with your holiday gift giving.

Why get a ho hum mass produced gift when you can support talented master artisans.

Here is just a small sampling of the treasures that await at NOVICA.

Gifts for Her:  I know a lot of you have friends/spouses who love to do yoga. Here is a lovely pearl and rose quartz pendant necklace, 'Yoga Warrior'

Gifts under $25: this gorgeous Silk Batik Scarf 'Love Awakens'

Gifts for The Animal Lover: C'mon admit it, we all have cat lover friends on Facebook!! Check out this adorable wood sculpture: "Toward the Sky Brown Yoga Cat"

And now, the Giveaway!!!
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Giveaway ends Friday December 14th at 8:00 PM.

Full disclosure: I received a gift code for the purpose of this review/giveaway. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

Bad Disguises

Do you notice whenever someone is on the run, their dye of choice is jet black??? And their haircut is shorn close to their heads. Like that will be very hard to spot.

Didn't work too well for John McAfee. Or maybe he was going for the John Travolta look?

If I am ever on the lam, I'm going bleach blonde - with extensions! What about you?

BTW, if  you want the "Fort Knox" of computer security, I recommend Kaspersky.

With the blogging expertise of my cowboy friend Lisa, it looks like my feed is finally fixed - Hallellujah. Hopefully some of you have kept me in your readers :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dancing with the People You Wish Would Disappear and Never Be Heard from Again

Word comes today that former Bachelor-contender and Bachelorette Emily Maynard will be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars - the 16th Season.

Has the show sunken this deep that this is what qualifies as a "Star?" They are clearly at the bottom of the barrel. I know this complaint has been going on from at least Season 3 but this is really stretching it.

Melissa Rycroft, the winner of DWTS All-Stars falls in the same vein. She was a good dancer, but a "Star??"

I have not watched in several seasons and now that Emily will be on the next one, I'll be gladly tuning out.

Flu Shot Update: I bit the bullet and got a flu shot this morning. Our wonderful insurance plan will only cover if we go to a doctor's office or the Minute Clinic - so convenient - NOT!!  What about heading to the pharmacy that is on every street corner??  They sure don't make it convenient.

I decided to go after the school sent out an email about flu cases already at the school. With all of the substituting I've been doing lately, I didn't want to chance it. I got so freaked out though by going to the doctor's office -- I had to sit for an hour in the waiting room w/people coughing, I was ready to flee....Made sure to use my OWN pen to sign in ;-)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flu Shot - Yay or Nay?

This is the first time in years that we have gone without flu shots. It is probably not the most opportune time since I am substitute teaching so much.

I seriously had no idea they would call this often but I'm taking the jobs since my health screening work is off for the month of December.

Which brings me back to the flu shot. I have seen a lot of what people think amounts to media propaganda pushing flu shots. The most recent article was about a few children who died of the flu a few years ago.

The more I read about the possible side effects of the flu shot preservatives, the more it makes me question the safety.

Coincidentally, or not, last Saturday I could barely get out of bed. I took my temperature and it was 101.6 degrees F. Now, I rarely ever get a fever. I am one of those whose temp normally runs below 98 - so this was unusual. Could it have been a mini-flu? Guess I'll never know, but I was back to normal by Monday.

But it got me to thinking about getting a flu shot. Or not.

What are your thoughts?

Friday, November 30, 2012

You are NOT to Old Take it from Me and Marie!!

No idea how I stumbled upon this video this morning but I am happy I did:

It is no surprise this is something I have been struggling with for quite some time now. I flip flop from one thing to the other and never settle down or feel fulfilled.

As I wait for my sparkly shiny new countertops to be installed -yay !!! I have been watching this video and more importantly gaining lots of inspiration from the comment section:

If you think you are too old, you will be motivated to get off your butt and do whatever it is you have been wanting to do.

You know what - I am thinking of taking some Pilates classes on the official Pilates equipment. Stopped into a studio and I truly feel like it is something that may reshape my mind as well as my body. Who knows, by this time next year, I could be a Pilates instructor in training. I've got the anatomy requirement under my belt. Just need to get toned up and stop telling myself I am "too old, not pretty enough, not tall and willowy enough, and not rich-enough looking to do it." Yeah, all that silly jazz....



P.S. I have burned a new feed it you would like to try to resubscribe so that the feed updates :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Out and About on Black Friday? Oh Yes I Was!!

I've written before about how I detest both getting up early and waiting in long lines for things. Consequently, it came as quite a surprised when I agreed to go with a friend and her kids do do some Black Friday shopping this morning.

First, she picked me up at the bright and early hour of 10:45 a.m.

We headed to Kohl's armed with our coupons!!  I used to shop there more years ago but I still go occasionally - and my thoughts this morning were that I would grab up one of those Kitchen Aid stand mixers that I saw in the Black Friday flyer. Yes indeed. I had my heart set on one, especially once I calculated the savings taking into account the $10 coupon plus the 15% off coupon plus the extra early bird 10% discount plus the $15 for every $50 spent dealy.

Here's the irony, as so eloquently explained in a comment from my cousin's wife: "Hmmmm, should come in handy w/all that cooking that u do ;-D"

Well, the cat is outta the bag regarding my non-cooking.

It was more of an early Christmas gift for MB even though it is far from his real gifts, to be detailed later. He can use it when he makes pizza and his pretzels on Christmas Eve.

Another thing that totally rocked was that my friend's daugher agreed to stay in line - and it was an extensive line- while we ran around and picked out our stuff. Please don't hate me for this ;-) I finally found the mixer after 15+ minutes waiting at customer service, because for some reason the folks at Kohl's decided to put that mixer in the middle of the aisle near the shoe department as opposed with the rest in the kitchen area - go figure!!!  I arrived at the cash register just as she finished her transaction so I had zero wait time. Super awesome!!!

Did you score any Black Friday deals today?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Se Habla Español?

Last week was insanely busy workwise - so crazy hours - between substituting and my medical thing - which required two stints from 8-midnight. It truly felt good to be productive once again.

There were a lot of Spanish speaking employees at two of the health screenings - which got me to thinking - it would be extremely advantageous to pick up some phrases in Spanish.

Have any of you taken any online courses in Spanish for medical professionals - specifically geared towards the nutrition end of things?

I am far from a "quick study" when it comes to languages, as evidence the months I spent studying sign language and all I really remember is the symbol for "fire" since it was funky....

This is the last weekend of the Renaissance Festival which means I will be sleeping late again on the weekends. Oh joyous joy!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Carma Paints (again!)

Well, after a few years away from painting, I decided to do another folk art angel piece yesterday and uploaded it to my reactivated etsy shop:

Honestly I have been feeling a little tired and uninspired lately and hopefully it is not reflected in the piece.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful November weekend!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Learning Something New

VC had a project for school, where he was to learn something new and write about it. His first thought, to go into the wilderness with twenty rolls of duct tape, a bowl and saran wrap to see if he could survive.

He seriously approached me with this suggestion and was shocked when I shot it down! It was time for me to present a few alternate, "safer" suggestions. The first that came to mine was tightrope walking. The big snafu with that idea was where to procure some steel rope at affordable pricing. Then a lightbulb came on. I remembered our friends down the block had a slackline. VC asked if he could borrow it and despite his initial frustrations and exasperation that he would never be able to do it, he now easily navigates across the rope.

Now that he is almost 17 we don't get to spend as much time together, so I was happy when he expressed an interest in teaching me to slackline. Surprisingly, I am not as clumsy as I thought I'd be!

I can barely take a step...but today was just my first day...

Raising a teen has presented many more challenges than I had been expecting. Taking a little time out from butting heads was a nice stress reliever :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Job Du Jour

I am sucker for "finding your passion articles." Walking home from a 7 mile walk today, I stopped by the local health market down the block from my house. I went in for lettuce and tomatoes but after noticing the lettuce was wilted and the tomatoes were $3.99 a lb, I left. After grabbing a couple copies of the free local magazine that had a full page feature article on VC this month with an awesome photo -WOOT! I noticed one of the topics in this month's Natural Awakenings magazine was finding your passion.

As excited as I get over these articles hoping they will shed some light on the rut I'm in, I read it while walking the rest of the way home. Imagine my dismay when once again it was about someone becoming a life coach. And then the person she coached also ended up becoming a life coach.

Granted there was more to the article than this example, but it seems an awful lot of people are becoming life coaches, sometimes in only 2 days (according to the ad in the same magazine). With so many life coaches out there, I sure hope there are others doing some work so that they can be coached.

Why so jaded? I went to a life coach once before. It was nothing that enlightening that I couldn't figure out for myself....

Have you ever been to a life coach? Thought of becoming one? (in only 2 days!)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

College Tours Have Begun!

Yesterday we spent the day touring two universities in our fine state. And let me tell you, it was exhausting!

I will not name college names because then I'll feel like crap for dissing them since both had a couple "interesting" aspects of their tours. And you never know, VC may do a 180 and apply to both.

VC wasn't that fired up about either college, or the idea of college in general for that matter ;-) but I am sure that we will eventually find one to his liking even if I have to establish the college myself....

Unusual thing about the first college:  there is a mandatory winter session where students take such courses as the history of presidential assassinations, the study of Harry Potter books and an equivalent Twilight-type course having to do with the study of vampire books. Now I don't know about you but if I was spending $40K a year on college I'd be dang sure my student was taking courses that would enhance potential employment opportunities upon graduation!!!! These seemed like the equivalent of Basket Weaving 101.

Other than that, the campus was nice, and most importantly the pool had a diving board. (VC has a strict list of required amenities)...

Then it was off to the second campus located a hour away. As soon as we set foot in the admissions area, I got the vibe that I should be wearing a smoking jacket.

It was very buttoned-down, old boys club formal. Some of the parents were wearing suits. As you know from my blog, that is about the farthest thing from our "scene."

VC was getting some bad vibes. And this is a prestigious university with an insanely high tuition. Parents were to remain in the auditorium and we received an interesting lecture by one of their bio professors regarding rising obesity rates. I only fell asleep 4 times. That was mainly due to my own exhaustion, not the quality of the lecture. Still, it was odd.

When VC emerged from his student room, he said that they spent the hour discussing death, as his group was assigned to a Philosophy professor.

I'm not sure that this type of lecture format is the way to get kids excited about college, unless it was part of the weeding out process intended to scare away those who are not overly academic.

Long story short, I can breathe a sigh of relief not having to pay $58K a year tuition that I don't have...

Fun times!

And now I will gently steer him in the direction of our fine, affordable state schools...

Printcopia: A Review

I recently realized that although I have plenty of photos of VC hanging around the house, there was not one of him juggling!!!  Considering he has been juggling since he was 10 years old, it was time to display a juggling photo - and I knew just the photo to use.

When Printcopia offered an opportunity to review their canvas prints, I jumped at the chance, knowing I would get my very own canvas print of VC juggling at a Vaudeville Show a couple years ago, doing his contortionist juggling act. Although you cannot tell from the photo, which was beautifully printed by Printcopia, he is in fact juggling 5 balls with his leg behind his head. Don't try that at home unless you have a chiropractor on call...

Unfortunately I struggled with taking a good photo of my canvas, so I put it on the ledge. If you prefer to hang your photos on the wall, your canvas will arrive with a sawtooth hook ready to hang!

I am thrilled with my new canvas print and VC is too :)

Printcopia provides a quality product at a very reasonable price. You may also be interested in additional sources for quality print products, such as car magnets, cheap signs, and vinyl banners.

Full Disclosure: I was provided with a product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's RenFest Time!!

Hard to believe this is VC's 4th year with the Renaissance Festival! Yesterday was my first day visiting him  at the 2012 festival and it was a blast as always.

Here I am with the Lord Mayor.

I realized the other day how nice it is to have some free time. Now that I have scaled back on my online activities and completed my studies - it has opened up time to get my house/life in order. And it feels darn good!!

If you are feeling overwhelmed I would encourage you to do the same. Your online life will always be there - unlike your real life with kids who will be out of the house before you know it....

Looking forward to going to some college tours in the next few weeks :)

Hope you are enjoying your fall - so many activities to take advantage of!

Friday, October 12, 2012

I Need to Upgrade to a Smart Phone Darnit!!

I do believe today was the last straw. By not having constant access/email notifications I missed out on my second work gig this month :-(

Technically I have a smart phone, only according to VC it is a 1G - so it is really not that smart; therefore, I have never accessed the internet except by accident.

I do love the phone as it has one of those slide out keypads. It is mostly used to keep tabs on VC (which he loves - NOT!) - so I have yet to program in any contacts other than the few VC added when I got the phone 9 mos ago.

I'm sure the phone will quickly pay for itself. I think I'll sign up w/one of those prepaid smartphone plans. If anyone is on one of those plans and it is ridiculously inexpensive - please share :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

An Update on Life Chez Carma Sez

Periodically I like to update everyone on what is going on in my relatively non-eventful life.

Well, I do have some news: I passed my certification exam - YAY!!

Over a year of hard work went into it and I am relieved to once again have some free time on my hands where I am not feeling guilty about not studying...

I've lined up some per diem work that I am excited/nervous about and will be starting that soon. It will also be nice to catch up on my reading and update my photo albums. I've never been one to have stacks of photos lying around....It will give me peace of mind to get reorganized.

As you can see my feed to this blog is still redirecting and despite many valiant efforts at fixing it - it is still not working. Part of me feels I should "chuck it all" and give up but the other part of me has a renewed sense of energy to create some new posts.

I joined a new belly dance class and we are having our first Hafla next weekend so I hope to post some pics. Yes, as pathetic a dancer as I am, I could not resist the urge to go back!!  It is my one creative outlet at this time and I am fully enjoying it once again. You may recall belly dancing was something that I started completely on a lark after people always telling me, "I could NEVER see you doing that" whenever I would bring up various things I wanted to try. I never thought I'd stick with it so I have surprised even myself!

VC is 16 already- and driving!!! It is amazing how quickly your "little ones" become independent. It has been taking some getting used to. I already have a plan that I need to adopt a little fuzzy replacement VC once he goes off to college (i.e. a dog) - just need to get over the thought of picking up dog poop...

Well, that's about all from here.


A Review: Custom Tote Bags!

As someone who is constantly lugging tons of things around: sunscreen, books, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer (love that word!) etc. - I am always in need of tote bags.

One thing I'm fussy about is a bag that helps me look polished and put together! has a line of custom tote bags that completely fits the bill - at very affordable prices.

The bag I chose was a travel tote - in turquoise w/navy monogramming- like the one seen here:

As the name suggests, the tote bag is incredibly lightweight - yet sturdy. It is fully lined with a zipper pocket inside and extra storage room in the outside pockets as well. It also has a magnetic snap closure to keep my belongings secure.

I have a feeling come summer this will also be my favorite beach bags. It is perfect-sized to roll up a few towels, swimsuit and flip flops.

Something else that impressed me is that the bag was not a flat solid color but rather had the look of being hand dyed w/variations in hue. Oh, and I also love the monogramming!!  There will be no question who this snazzy bag belongs to!!

Full Disclosure: I received a product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was provided. The words/thoughts are all my own.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Gallery Girls

Yesterday I got together with a friend for our monthly mall meetup. Knowing about my gallery stories from my former job as a gallery assistant, she recommended I watch Gallery Girls.

Since I don't have cable (yep!) - I was happy to find that it is available on Hulu.

It pits the Brooklyn gallery chicks with their red lipstick and black hair against the blonde bombshells from the OC who live on the Upper East Side.

Some of their attitudes are simply awful but I am getting a kick out of the NY version of the gallery world I used to be a part of, with our "stable" of artists.

If you are artsy or enjoy watching pretentious spoiled Daddy's girls, check it out.

I'm still looking for a way to blend my artsy side with my new "medical" side. There has to be a way...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mature Content to Follow....

I hope you've all had a relaxing summer and are re-energized now that school is back in session!  I usually keep things pretty light and breezy on this blog but today you are in for more of a "mature topic."

We've all seen the commercials for Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, etc etc etc, but have you noticed there are no counterpart commercials featuring women's products of the same nature?

I was recently approached by a representative from Zestra, the makers of Essential Arousal Oils geared towards women. When she explained the bias the company had been encountering getting awareness of the product out into the mainstream media, I felt compelled to assist with the cause.

Apparently, many traditional media outlets refused to run their ads out of fear of "offending" someone, as if the men's commercials would NEVER offend anyone ;-)

Thing is, Zestra is a product that could potentially make a significant impact in the lives and relationships of women, especially those in my own age bracket.

What I like about the product:

- it has been clinically proven to bve safe and effective, without any known drug interactions
- it is hormone and paraben-free
- it has been recommended by the fine Dr. Oz!
- it is discreet and easily portable
- it works within minutes (yeah baby ;-) )

If you or someone you know could benefit from this product, I encourage you to check out the testimonials and special offers from Zestra (click on the link)

Zestra feels all women deserve sexual satisfaction - and who could argue with that?

Full disclosure: I was provided with product for the purpose of review. No other compensation was provided.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finding Your Passion and A Winner!

Congratulations to the lovely Aleta, winner of my giveaway!!  and thank you to all who entered.

Last week I spent some time in NYC/NJ. I hadn't been back to my homestate, the Garden State in close to 15 years - so it was a sentimental return and a chance to show VC the places where I spent my childhood. Unfortunately my childhood home was razed and has been replaced by a two-story colonial-- and it's not like the place was a dive or anything like that. Such is how things go in one of the most coveted areas of the state to reside in.

Ohhhhhh....first - lookey here what we saw along the way - with the Honda Element mirror glistening in the foreground!!

We stopped at the roller rink where MB and I met back when we were teenagers doing the 80's shuffle every weekend and caught up with some of our skating buddies for a skating night in south Jersey. Other highlights included a visit to the Jersey shore. We did not see Snooki or any of the other GTL peeps but we did enjoy strolling along the boardwalk after paying to access the beach. What???? That felt odd since the beaches where we live have free public access.

MB and VC visited Great Adventure so VC could go on the Kingda Ka rollercoaster that he first read about in elementary school. The crazies went on it at least 6 times.

The highlight of my visit was a "cousins party" at my cousin's house where I met up with the cousins on my father's side that I had not seen in all those years. I was a special time - and an opportunity for our kids to meet each other too.

During the visit we stayed with one of my cousins who has been a great sounding board and source of lots of laughs over the years. He is convinced that although I just got another degree, I will not be happy until I am pursuing my creative pursuits in earnest and I believe he is right.

Coincidentally, when I returned home I came across an article that I had seen once before - The Top 5 Regrets of Dying. It is a quick read - and worth it - if you are also searching for your "place" in life.

Another great resource is this article by Martha Beck about revisiting our childhood pleasures in search of "radical fun." Looking back, what I was often doing was drawing in my sketchbook and writing corny poems that rhymed while we traveled out west on vacation.

I was recently hired on a per diem basis to do some of the healthcare procedures I trained for - but the days will be very sparse - so in between I fully intend to explore my creative side.

This time I won't be so quick to judge myself and throw in the towel or spend wasted time comparing my work to others which is part of the reason I quit all together 5+  years ago. (then there was the Mr. Chow portrait incident but that's a whole 'nother story)

I realize that I am much more of a visual person than I am a writer. Evidence: This blog!

We'll see if I can drag myself away from the computer and become productive....

Have you found your passion? What led you to it? Enquiring minds want to know....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

mia mariu: A Giveaway!!!!

Many of you may be familiar with mia mariu's makeup and skincare lines. If not, allow me to introduce you to a few of their remarkable products. I love that an emphasis is placed first and foremost on healthy products.

I recently tried mira marius's RestauraCel-C Microdermabrasion Thermal Activator and Refinisher Cream and let me say I have never used a product like this - literally. Once the products are combined they heat up in your hands. After using circular motions around my face I could feel the results immediately once I rinsed my face. It was a smoothness that I haven't noticed before despite using all sorts of skincare products over the years.

If you, like me, had given up on wearing lipstick since it was difficult to find a neutral flattering color, take a peek at this:

it is mia mariu's "hydrating stick gloss" - the gloss is lightweight, smells great and is designed to keep lips hydrated. The color pictured above, Capricho, is a universally flattering color (in my opinion). I'm just tickled to be able to wear some color again.

If you would like to explore the product line further, check out mia mariu.  To win a $25 (retail value) shopping spree at mia mariu, leave a comment below telling me your favorite product from their line. It's that easy!!

For extra entries:

  • Follow my blog with Google Friend Connect (leave a separate comment)
  • Tweet about the giveaway (can be done twice a day) - post the link in a separate comment
"Enter to win a $25 shopping spree (cosmetics/skincare) at mia mariu"

Giveaway Ends:  August 22nd at 8:00 p.m. EST

Full disclosure: I was provided with sample products for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was provided. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heelys - Better than Ever!

When VC was in the second grade, he had a pair of Heelys (you know, the shoes with the pop-in wheel on the back" that he absolutely loved. He loved them so much that when it came time for the "morning muralists" to paint a picture of a shoe as a border on the bathroom wall, he chose to paint his Heelys. He was so proud of that picture he asked me to take a photo. Yes, he was rockin' the long hair and tie dyed shirts at age 8.

Here's the photo I took:

How darn cute is it???? Awesome soap dispensers too I might add....

Yesterday I heard the screeching of brakes and honking of horn as the UPS truck drove through the neighborhood (why do they do that honking??) - after my bell rang I peeked out on the doorstep to see a box sealed with Heelys tape.

It was a brand new pair of Heelys for VC.

Soon he was spinning again just like old times.

...and before long juggling 5 balls on Heelys

. I love how this picture makes it look like he is eating the ball!

You may want to surprise your kids with a pair of these for Back to School (although they will probably want to reserve the wheel for to and from school instead of getting busted for cruising the halls in style).

Interested in learning more about the entire line of new styles - (this is one of my favorite color schemes - Lime Green/Grey in the Chrome style) - visit Heelys on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter 

Full disclosure: I was provided with a pair of Heelys for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was provided.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have You Been Watching the Olympics?

Dunnnn...Dunnn...Da Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn....I didn't think I'd be getting into them as much as I am. It is quite a nice stress reliever in the evenings. With VC doing gymnastics flips and diving I now look at things through different eyes and can completely respect the talent.

...and watching Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh with their butt signaling? awesome!!

I'm finding it is also a  nice distraction to the camera bidding I am doing on ebay. Instead of obsessing about the clock ticking down - I continue to watch the Olympics and check only when there is a break in the action. The things we do for our kids!!!!

How is your summer moving along?

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Thought or Two from my Facebook Stream

My friend the sub guy at Harris Teeter always puts things nicely in perspective, as well as giving us a great reality check when he chuckled about the lost camera and said, "you ain't getting that back."

Sad, but probably true. I was joking with VC that if he happens to see a video of butterflies in slow motion on the facebook feed of the guide who is "looking" for the camera, it may be a clue as to the camera's whereabouts-- kidding!

In the meantime I'll keep an eye out for it on ebay in case we can buy it back.

Another thought: I shared this from a friend's post: "A man's biggest mistake is to give another man the opportunity to make his woman smile."

I believe there is an incredible amount of truth to that statement. Of course, MB countered that of course women would say that and the same can be said about them as well...

Maybe...or not...


And one final thought, David Beckham in suit on boat....mmmmm....suddenly I like boating :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Juggling Convention - and More!

It's been a hectic week...which is not much change from the rest of the summer. VC, back in town from Costa Rica, had a juggling convention to attend. I drove up and back the first two days but then decided that getting home after 1:00 am was getting exhausting, only to have to turn around and go back the next day - so I permitted VC to stay at a hotel with 4 other jugglers the next few days.

I just about went into full-on panic mode Friday morning. I received a call from my friend at the convention. It was almost 12:45 in the afternoon. As we were about to hang up she said, "Everybody is asking about VC. No one has seen him all morning." In a high-pitched voice I said "Where is heeeeeee??" at which time she told me she had to go because her son was calling on the other line. (She never got the chance to tell me that the other members of his group were also not there.)

After several frantic minutes where I tried to call the only person from the room whose number I had, come to find out I had transposed the digits, VC finally picked up his phone. (I had been trying to reach him all morning but he was fast asleep.) He had gotten back to the hotel at 5 am that morning. Jugglers do not keep the best track of time or get to bed at a reasonable hour I can see....

This is something I know I need to work on. My ability to imagine the worst possible scenario, wherein I had  VC wandering around the town at night unable to find the  hotel and that someone had snatched him up.

The reason this was the first thing to come to mind was that he called me at 2:00 am the night before (thinking it was 12:00 since he didn't see the '1') and he said they had not yet gone back to the hotel. I was worried the other guys may not have seen him and had already left for the hotel and that VC would have no idea how to get back.

So you see, it was a plausible situation - him never making it back to the hotel. I'm not crazy ;-)

Anyway, long story short, the convention was spectacular. VC got to meet many of his juggling 'heros'.

He also won a medal in the infinite suicide endurance competition with the diabolo. Here we are with his friend and fellow medalist Paul.

Another huge highlight of the week was meeting Eric from the Diabology videos that VC purchased when he was 9 years old. He learned much of what he knows from the videos. Eric is an incredibly talented performer and all around nice guy. He came over from France to perform with his group Cie Ea Eo. It was an energizing performance that VC is still raving about.

Here's VC with another inspiration, diabolist extraordinaire Matt Hall, and Eric Longequel.

Sometimes those who have made an impact in your childhood never get to hear that so it is always an honor to get to meet your inspirations and let them know how much they've influenced your talents!

As you can see I was just as excited as VC was!

In other non-juggling news, I have an interview scheduled for Thursday. More to come on that as well as the situation with my hearing, or lack of hearing which will affect how I use the stethoscope :-(

Monday, July 16, 2012

Since When??

Well, VC has returned from his trip to Costa Rica!! It was a trip of a lifetime. I think he would have loved to have stayed. What he liked most was the relaxed attitude - nothing was a problem...Here everyone is so tense. The Costa Ricans live by the slogan Pura Vida which means pure life.

The family  he stayed with had an incredibly modest house, with a roof, but no ceilings. Just the basics. And yet he could sense they were much happier than folks living here. He loved the simplicity and I hope it is something that will stay with him for life.

Anyhoo, that's where the nirvana ended because as soon as he landed he mentioned that he had lost his camera. Not only did it contain 95% of his trip photos, but it was a camera I had to search on ebay to find. It is rare to find a used one for sale. So after 9 months it is gone :-(  assuming the guide is unable to locate it at the butterfly center they visited before boarding the bus to the airport *fingers crossed*

I sincerely wish I was not the kind of person to be bothered by this. But instead of being all excited about his return I was sadly pre-occupied with the loss of the camera. Very silly I know.

I expressed my frustration a couple times at which point I was told to stop bringing it up...

Which got me to thinking, since when am I unable to express frustrations????  Everyone else seems to have free license to do so....

Granted I do tend to dwell on things...

and maybe people would like me to shut up at times. Many times.

But does that mean I lose the right to express my dismay???

**if you are reaching me here - I am back to my old blogger blog. if you wish to get updates you will need to add it to your reader if you don't wish to get updates, don't do that :D -- or nevermind - it is still messed up :-(

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where Do I Start

I figured I'd post an update on all the exciting goings on around here. Only they aren't very exciting.

My internship wrapped up a week ago and since then I've been trying to get organized and to start exercising daily again. I really softened up with 10 months of focusing on school. I hear jogging adds 5.6 years to your life, hence I decided to try it this morning. I still hate it as much as I did prior. Probably will stick with the elliptical and weights. boooooring.

Sent in a resume the other day for a local doctor who has a part-time opening. It is mostly administrative, not clinical but it is a foot in the door. Also applied for a PRN (as needed) job with an orthopedist. Thing is that most jobs are requiring 1-2 years experience which I do not have. Gonna have to wow them with my "maturity" instead ;-)

How official do I look in my scrubs????

And for fun I applied for a cake decorating position at a local supermarket. The salary was comparable to Med Assisting. Ends up that without experience I'd have to start in the deli department though (which was not specified in the ad), so I kindly declined the interview. If I'm gonna work in a supermarket it's gotta be something fun!! *not that there is anything wrong with a deli job; I may still end up there...

Starting over jobwise at the bottom in my mid-forties is very daunting. And depressing.

Looking to keep it part-time for now so I can fully enjoy VC's activities the next two years before he heads off to college. sniff. sniff.

I would so love to be doing something creative but that is not where the jobs are and all of my creative endeavors in the past have been epic failures in one sense or another.

Will keep you updated on whether I actually land an interview and how that goes. Interviews were never my forte.

Boy, I can just sense all the positivity in this post already!!

That's about it in a nutshell. I graduated with my Medical Assisting diploma, finished my internship, spent a few days in lovely Charleston, SC and am now spending my free time trying to get organized, price out new tires, catch up on paperwork, carting VC around to gigs, exfoliating, yadda yadda yadda.

I sure hope your lives are a lot more exciting. Enlighten me :)

Oh, and VC is on a trip to Costa Rica. That lucky dude!!! Plus he was on a local morning news show last week.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pizza Pizza

MB has gone Italian. When he does something he DOES it full on, unlike me who tends to be too lazy to overdo anything ;-) except worrying...

So when he decided we needed to eat brick oven pizza on a regular basis, he built a pizza oven in the backyard. Today was the taste test.

Four 12" pizzas for the two of us was plenty :D may recognize the apron from my Girlfriends line....even suitable for manly pizza chefs.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

So Proud of My Talented Son!

This weekend he participated in his first ever dive meet. He's been taking lessons for a few months once a week and while he is just doing diving because it is something he loves to do - he decided to participate in a Dive Meet.  Here he is diving from the 5M platform (in slow motion).

Hope you are having a relaxing and fun weekend!  We'll be enjoying another day of diving tomorrow and then it's back to 'work' - as in the work I pay for and receive no compensation for internship work....

Natural Gemstones Can Make a Statement

Now that things are settling down a bit (very little bit) I've had some time to slow down (on weekends at least) and appreciate things a little more. I still have an overwhelming interest in art and artistic jewelry.

MB and VC are headed to a wedding while I'll be here finishing up my internship and its accompanying project.  Knowing that I still had some artsy connections he asked about getting a ring with his family crest re-sized to fit VC so that he could wear it to the wedding.

Luckily I remembered that we have a local jeweler who is an incredibly skilled artist/craftsman, so he brought the ring there to be re-sized.

It is a good connection to have since I recently was presented a stunning Prasiolite gemstone from Custom Jewelry can make an incredibly unique statement. I can't wait to have the gem set into a ring or pendant setting of my own design. It is unfortunate that Mother's Day has passed since the gem would be lovely for Mothers Pendants.

It will be fun to get the right side of my brain working again - in designing a funky setting :)

Full Disclosure: I received a gem for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was provided.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plain Vanilla??? UGH

The other day someone said something like this, "You seem very vanilla to have a [nose] piercing." I have been called many things, but never "VANILLA" before.

And on top of that, for the past 9 months I have been wearing that fake quartz clear colored nose plug after taking out my tiny nose stud so that I wouldn't be in violation of the anti-piercing requirements of the medical it wasn't to be seen or discussed anyway..  Guess we can see that was money well spent...

Have you ever been referred to as something akin to "VANILLA" and how did you handle the response??

BTW, I have a ton that I could be blogging about but I just can't....

So stay tuned for more "exciting" posts like this one ;-)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Did IT!

Last night was graduation!  Yes, I managed to survive what at times felt like boot camp...Still one class to go over the summer (my clinical) and assuming all goes well - I'm done with school!!  HAPPY DANCE TIME!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dude, Where's My Car?

Can senility not be far behind??  On Thursday I had an important mission: To go to the main campus, pick up my graduation gown and get a photo ID made for my clinical which begins in mid-May.

First, I decided I didn't need to look up the address to program into my GPS because it was probably already in there as a "recent location." ----> that being my first mistake.

The address I set it to was the DMV!!!!!!

But, no bother, I figured I'd navigate by feel to get there. After driving for 10 minutes and not seeing anything I recognized I realized I was going the wrong way...

Long story short, I went at least 1/2 an hour out of my way.

Finally found the campus and parked my car in the first available spot.

I made my way to the college bookstore to pick up my cap and gown and my "frugalness" won over and I decided to just purchase the tassel and use my husbands gown from about 12 years ago since it was also black. I figured with my heels the length would fall to mid-calf which it did. Compared to my classmates, I will have more of a "loose fitting" gown but WTH, it saved me $23.

Would you believe the tassel cost $7.50 - for a TASSEL????

Well then, I proceeded back to the parking lot, only to not see my car - ANYWHERE.  I wandered around in the rain for about 10 minutes - to another lot. Still no car.

At that point I gave up and headed on foot to my next destination, the off-campus security office to get my ID made. Luckily the woman in the bookstore gave me a map.

I got my ID badge made only to realize somewhere along the way the tassel had slipped out of my bag. O.M.G. it was turning out to be a positively crappy day.

I managed to retrace my steps, which was no small feat considering my sense of direction, and found it on a soggy sidewalk around the corner.

So there you have it, I am rapidly approaching my 80's...

Finals are next week so I'll be incommunicado. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's All About the Occult

Fear not, I have not embarked on a magical, mystical journey, much to the dismay of my family.

Instead, I have been trying to persuade them to give me some stool samples for fecal occult blood testing that we are doing tomorrow as part of my Medical Assisting Curriculum.

I've discovered that a good way for me to entice VC to permit me to check his blood pressure more often (for practice) - is to threaten him with a fecal sample kit ;-)

Two weeks to go until finals and then my clinical. I'm a little skeered about the second part. Hopefully I won't appear to be a complete imbecile once I am practicing in real life :-O) Today I took a little "creative licensing" in doing some wound bandaging by pretending to have a smaller wound. My prof jumped in to alert me that there is no "creativity in bandaging." I have a feeling my art background will NOT be a huge asset in this endeavor *sigh*.

Be well....


There's Still Time... join the party.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

This is my fourth year participating in the Ultimate Blog Party. The first year, my readership grew considerably from my party participation. Each year since then, I've met lots of new folks and gained some new readers, which is all that I had hoped for since I haven't been as active as I once was with my blogging. tsk tsk ;-)

In addition to new blogging friends, I've also met several partiers through Twitter and it is always nice to see their shining profile pics and interact with them.

As the icing on the cake I even won 2 prizes in past years...You just never know!

If you are still on the fence, you may want to go ahead and sign up before all that is left is empty drink cups and plates encrusted with cake crumbs :D

Friday, April 13, 2012

One Party I Don't Wanna Miss!

I'm not much of a partier. I know I've had you all fooled..

But there is one party I have penciled in as a "must not miss" event - 5 Minutes for Mom's Ultimate Blog Party 2012.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

In the past years I've written semi-creative blog party posts, but this year, with my new role as "middle aged college student," I've not got any free brain cells - to prepare a snazzy post. But if you are interested in learning more about me, please visit the "About Me" tab - for such interesting facts as my legs being 79% hairfree although now it is more like 92%...

I'm happy you've stopped by my little corner of the blogosphere to visit - and I plan on visiting each and every one of your sites - All in good time since I've got finals coming up :-O)

- carma

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It Wasn't Very Scientific

Facebook is not my friend. I noticed yesterday that someone had unfriended me. The noive!! It is not something I normally track, but it was fairly obvious since my number of friends was down to a round number.

It never occurred to me that my spontaneous posts about such things as cellulite and reinforcements and phrases such as "If life gives you melons, you may be dyslexic" may be annoying to some.

Well, maybe it did occur to me-- but I wasn't going to censor myself. However, I may need to re-think this stance now that VC's girl who is a friend's mom is now following my posts along with some other folks who may not appreciate my humor.

Being as immature as I am, I posted this today
"Guess I'm just not high-brow enough - pfffft..."

A friend wanted to know how I knew who it was so I revealed: "I noticed I was down one and then did some research and by research I mean guessing ;-) "

and in my research I discovered that not one but TWO friends I went to elementary school with had unfriended me - I just hadn't noticed the other until now...

Should I be spending time on this when I need to learn to wrap splints and give shots??? No, I should not.

But I wanted to share the happy part of the story. I logged onto FB a couple minutes ago and a person I think very highly of wrote this message to me:

"Young lady, anyone who doesn't want to be your friend is an idiot. Your posts are so much fun to read..... Anyway, you are a delight, don't change a thing!"

BIG SMILE and now I can go to bed.


P.S. I know I'm very wimpy going back to blogger but I love the simplicity. I do not have time to work out the wordpress kinks - the design is lousy compared to my wp one but what do you guys think about ease of reading, etc?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

One of the Most Disturbing Videos I've Seen in a While

This girl is 15 years old and she has made herself to be like a Japanese doll. Incredibly bizarre. She wears contact lenses with a line around the iris, like a doll's eyes. Now, show me and ophthalmologist who would condone that...Not to judge, but it seems like quite the unhealthy obsession. Super freaky.

Her accent is cringe-worthy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Things I Accomplished Over Spring Break

Today is my last day of spring break and I've got the "Return to School Blues," normally known as the "Sunday Blues." But I've got a small sense of satisfaction knowing that I accomplished a thing or two that I set out to do over the break:

(1) My husband couldn't contain his excitement yesterday when he exclaimed, "Car, I haven't seen the bottom of the hamper in like a year." Yep, the old lady's been doing some laundry on spring break...

(2) Thorough house cleaning also checked off list. Thanks to the Magic Eraser the stain on the stove that I thought could not be removed, is no longer with us.

(3) Learned a lot about osteoporosis while researching for an upcoming presentation. Ladies, respect your bones!!!

(4) Gained 3 pounds from snacking all day every day whilst home working on school stuff. I did not set out to do this but I accomplished it anyway - GRRRRRR...

(5) Learned that I am a consummate micro-manager. My son pointed this out as I continually reminded him about upcoming deadines he needed to get a move on. Micromanaging is one of my few strengths so I will continue to do so.

(6) Barked orders. This was also pointed out to me. What can I say, sometimes that's the only way to enlist help around the house.

(7) Learned the contraindications of many drugs while preparing drug cards to keep in my pocket when I eventually go to work. Very weird but we have been instructed to do so.

(8) Checked blood pressure and pulses on the other two living beings in the house. Just trying to get my confidence going...Not so good yet on the practical side of things.

(9) Started labeling the 500 photos I ordered from Snapfish. Disappointed that I still have a huge stack. Remind me not to take so many pictures in the future. I mean 30+ photos from one day at the Renfest and about 100 photos from my son cheering with the chicks at the football game. They all pretty much resemble each other after a while. Time to stop preserving moments and start living in the moment!!!

(10) Made paninis. You know this is my latest addiction. nom. nom. nom.

(11) Checked and on a consistent basis throughout each day.

(12) While studying, tried to prevent exhaustion and stayed hydrated so I wouldn't have a meltdown like the Kony guy.

(13) Got my oil changed.

(14) Exercised to Get Ripped in 30. 'fraid it will be more like Ripped in 366 from the looks of things. Never realized how out of shape I've allowed myself to get. Out of shape as in unfit. Jillian may be right that I have clearly not been bringin' my A Game.

What are some things you accomplished this week. Let's compare!

***OH my gawd, I forgot to mention finalizing and filing my taxes!! Always such a PIA, I must have subconsiously blocked it from my mind.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Almost Spring Break Time!!

One more day and I can clear my mind for a week. Of course, there will still be plenty of projects to work on so it will still be like I am at school.

But, I wanted to take the opportunity to put a new post up on my blog. It seems like I am not the only one who has been drifting away from blogging. It is a love/hate relationship that I have with it right now. But in the back of my mind I feel like what if my job is not ALL THAT and I need an outlet. Then what will I do without the blog???????? (suggestions welcome)

The gallery I used to work - errrr blog at - closed last week. They just couldn't survive without me ;-) I bumped into one of the artists today and I was like it was a whole 'nother life. My life before all this craziness set in - that I had to prove myself and get an official "occupation." I had a feeling my job would be short-lived when I quit 9 months ago and I guess I can now confirm it was the right decison...

Remember my post last year about bloggers getting divorced/separated; everybody thought I was crazy - but now - Dooce!!! Didn't see that one coming. (I realize this news is about a month old - just goes to show how relevant my blog is ;-) . My bad plastic surgery obsession continues, and seeing Daryl Hannah in this montage is incredibly depressing. Why??????????

The bellydance studio that I have been going to is closing the satellite location where I take classes and I have no desire to drive close to an hour to get to the main studio. So it may have been my last recital for a long time. In honor of that, here is a photo of me at the recital in my "I Dream of Jeanie $30 costume." My dancing has improved only slightly....which is the beauty of a still shot :P

[caption id="attachment_6209" align="aligncenter" width="377" caption="That's Me at the Far Left (which is a good thing)"][/caption]

Faces of my fellow dancers have been blurred since I doubt they would want to appear here.

Lots of school stuff going on but I'll save that for another post, which will ensure another post :D

Miss you guys!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Download, Save"

It's been a hectic week but something cracked me up today at school so I'll take a lesson from Lazy Blogging 101 and cut and paste from Facebook :D

Should I be insulted or flattered? My classmates divulged to me today that when I ask a question and then the prof answers and I say "uh-huh" they immediately think "Download, Save" because they think I have some extra special memory recall. I don't. I just read the books. A lot :D I'm really no smarter than anyone else, but I won't tell them that ;-)

Guess this is one of those things that I'll need to get used to since the girls seem fond of giving me a good natured ribbing. But I do wonder if deep down they are hatin' on me!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Have You Ever Had the Unfortunate Experience of Ordering Something from I have.

Weeks ago, at the beginning of the semester, I realized I would need to purchase a textbook code to go with a used book I had purchased. I went to my "go to" site, Amazon, but could not locate it there, so I searched some more and found it online at I ordered on a Wednesday, figuring it would be at my house on time for class the following Tuesday. I know, What was I thinking? It was being shipped by the U.S. Post Office!!! By the time I realized the book was scheduled to arrive the following Thursday I inquired about my return options.

The customer service rep advised me to do a "Return to Sender." Outside of the Elvis song, I've not had any experience with Return to Sender.

Over the past month and a half I have become very experienced. The text code shipped back via slow boat to China and over a month later it is finally at the Barnes and Noble warehouse in Kearny, NJ.

But I still don't have my refund. Mind you, I never even touched the box because I notified my carrier before it arrived at my mailbox.

In addition to a useless email exchange with one of their reps, I went online with Barnes and Noble chat and waited 25 minutes for a rep to get online. 25 minutes for online chat!!! He assured me he would expedite things and I'd see a refund in 5 to 6 business days.

Still no refund and I was getting antsy so I spoke to a rep today who seemed a little too confrontational for my taste. He explained that the Barnes and Noble policy was that I would see a refund in ONE TO TWO BUSINESS CYCLES - which can be interpreted to mean one or two credit card statements even tough I paid by paypal. He insisted the rep I chatted with last week did not tell me 5 to 6 business days. Couldn't he look it up in the transcript?

Can a company seriously do business like this and compete against Amazon where a refund occurs as soon as the package arrives?

I know I will not be ordering again from unless it is a product that exists no where else on Planet Earth!!

There. I'm done venting.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Earning Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

I was talking with a couple classmates after class and the one was encouraging me to go to nursing school since I did so well on the entrance exam - which is the test I took last year when I applied for and was accepted to the PT Assistant thingy at the other college.

Anyway, so I was saying at my age it doesn't make sense to spend too much more time in school. And then one of them asked how old I was and they were floored. These are girls who have been in class with me for over 6 months. I'm extra self-conscious about my age now that I have reached my coughmidforties But I'm glad I revealed it since now maybe I'll get some respect as the "experienced in life" student. They'll be like, who cares if the old lady got a [insert grade] - at that age she is lucky she can still think, especially after a recent study revealed that mental decline officially starts at age 45.

P.S. I am still not receiving email notifications of your comments and I have no idea how to fix it since the box under Settings Discussion is set at "E-mail me whenever Anyone posts a comment." $20 giftcard up for grabs if you can fix it. I'm afraid it may have to do with another conflicting plug-in. So that's why I am still unable to email you back when you leave a comment.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh, to be in a Book!!

I just noticed that a blogger whose blog I read every so often is going to be featured in a book.

No sooner had I read this than I turned green with envy and got all ga ga eyed. A book! How fabulous.

For years I've had this hang up that I need to validate my existence somehow and one way to do it would be in a book. Only problem is that I am not a "writer," have lived a fairly mundane middle class existence - no gritty stories to tell about being raised on the street and living out of a van. Nothing special. Didn't move around a lot, got good grades, i.e. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!

I've known a few people who have written books, published by those small publishing houses. Let's be honest, if you really want to publish a book, if you pay the money, you can have your book published.

And is it really any sort of validation? or is this just another one of my weird ideals?

Maybe I'm more suited to writing than working in the medical field - that's a given, but do I need a book to validate my existence. I need to find some heavy books to try and flatten out my textbook that is now water damaged. So I have a use for my "non-existent soon to be written" book already.

How about you?

Shameless Son Promotion

As I wait for my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream to arrive (to make me happy after a score that was less than what I had hoped for on my online test today - booooooo!) - Figured I'd post VC's latest Epic video release. Thank you for your sweet comments on my last post :)

As you can see, at least one of us is perfecting some skills. Although I'll admit my urinalysis interpretation is going a little better this week....ever onward and hopefully upward!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

She's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, how I have missed this little corner of the Internet where I post useless information that people occasionally stop by to read...without me having to force them to.

I'm almost one month into the semester and it has gotten me beat. Middle Aged College Student is not an easy role to play.

I'd be studying now were it not for the fan that has been circulating air on my textbook and workbook for 6+ hours now after my water bottle leaked over my books :-O) Clearly I do not live right. And so much for book buyback - darnit!!!

I was speaking to a dear friend today (shout out to Philsy!) who reads my blog every now and then and it gave me that little boost of energy and inspiration I needed.

How are you doing friends?? I miss you and will slowly work my way around to your sites, when I am not studying for the 10 tests I have scheduled for this month. That is the honest truth. I just confirmed it by looking up at my $6.00 dry erase board that has removed some of the paint from my wall...

I may be looking like the woman in the previous post by the time graduation rolls around.

Tell me something fabulous that has been going on in your life...I like to live vicariously....If you are one of my 4 regular returning visitors please share your names. I admire your dedication :D

TTFN. I'm off to google if stress causes "constipation" I've had plenty of both.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Evil Doesn't Do a Body or Face Good

I was stunned to see the photo accompanying this article about a local case that made nationwide news: the Zara Baker case wherein the evil stepmom (pictured) admitted to killing and chopping up her disabled step-daughter.

The woman pictured is 43 years old!!!!! Not 83 - 43!!!

In my own effort to stave off resembling that photo, I just returned from the determatologist. I had not been to one in years - I was given the sobering news that what I thought were two new moles were really "old people spots" :-(

Time to get out the duct tape which worked the last time!!

Pet Update: thank you for all of your thoughtful responses. We have made the decision to hold off for now. There is a whole big story behind it involving someone who we let get too close to us - and things finally hit the fan yesterday. I do not want this sweet little pet to be associated with people who bring me unhappiness. That in addition to the other concerns mentioned brought us to this conclusion. My break from school has not been much of a break stress-wise...

I may need to do a password protected post to get it all off my chest, after all, my chest needs to look perky for the recital this weekend :D
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