Thursday, August 18, 2011


I miss you guys!!!!! As you can imagine I've bitten off more than I can chew and think I may have flunked my first quiz ev-er today!!!!! Lack of sleep is putting me in a bad spot. The workload is insane - several papers due already next week plus an oral presentation plus about 200 medical terms to learn. I'm holding on by the skin of my teeth. Just wanted to pop in and say hi and apologize that I haven't been able to visit your blogs. It has been very difficult holding myself back from quitting which we all know I like to do recently ;-) I'm in an "I don't need this crap" mood, which is not good.

I got about 4 hours sleep last night after taking CPR from 6-10 pm - and then insomnia all night. Popped a Benadryl which was a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea. Could that have slowed down my thinking?? I realized halfway into the quiz that all the answers were on the bottom of the page - the answers we needed to answer the questions posted above. GAH!!!!!!!!!! Seriously if I pulled in a 50 it will be amazing after I erased and went back up changing things and then she collected the quizzes so quickly some people were still writing.

Have I mentioned that I HATE going to school. I love learning, but on my own time and at my own pace....

What about you?

oh, and I've made plenty of "interesting" observations that I will need to post very anonymously in the future :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Did I Miss Something?

I pride myself on my knowledge of useless celebrity news (which needs to come to a halt BTW) - so I was shocked when I saw this photo with the heading: Reese Witherspoon's Post Baby Shorts - in a photo montage of stars in short shorts.

The caption: "Not bad for someone who gave birth just a month ago."

When did Reese have a baby???? Last I read everyone was speculating after she looked a little fuller in the mid-section like I do after a pasta binge. But actually having a baby, unless I am mistaken, not so ABC News/Entertainment....

And now back to preparing for school which is what I am supposed to be doing. TTFN.

Please weigh in in my previous post if you get a chance :-)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Photos in the *gasp* Family Room!!!!

Thank you throngs of blog visitors ;-) Gonna keep it easy breezy today. I start school on Monday and my blogging time will be very limited as I get my mind back in action. It hasn't seen much heavy duty brain activity in the last 4 years or more, unless you count making of my intense youtube videos.

Todays topic: Is it gauche to hang photos of your family - separate photos of kids and joint family photos - in the FAMILY ROOM?

I'm a sucker for free magazines - and in one of these fine publications, a local interior decorator had this to say about home accessorizing (and I paraphrase):

Family photos are meant to be hung in the private areas of the home - i.e. hallway to bedrooms or stairway. which point I glanced over the family room where we have two large family photos hanging over the TV cabinet and a black and white photo of VC that is at least three feet tall on a side wall surrounded by several small black and whites of VC/us grouped and matted in 3 tall frames.

That doesn't sound like overkill does it?? Should I ban them from the family room?

Where do you hang your family photos?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ignore My Previous Whiney A$$ Post

I've got more important things on my mind, like should I purchase one of these Nose Huggies to get rid of the bump on my nose??

.99 on ebay - not sure if it worth the gamble?

If you are wondering how the Nose Huggie works, according to the website:

To use the Nose Huggie simply open the hinges and place it on your nose, closer to the bottom where all the cartilage is. Remember, consistency is the key with this product so try to wear it every day for about 15 minutes. After about 2 weeks you will start to see your nose will appear noticeably smaller and thinner, and straighter on the bridge....a large percentage of your nose is made of cartilage which can be gradually be changed to a desired shape with appropriate pressure. This is why the Nose Huggie works.

I'll have to research this further when I start my anatomy class...All I know is that the before and after pictures are remarkable - as good as surgery. And I'm sure there is NO WAY they could ever be photoshopped...

Yes, Ma'am I Understand. Oh ReaaaalllllY?

I beg to differ.

Oh, just reflecting on yesterday's morning's colossal computer crash. Note to husbands: If you turn on the computer at 5:30 am and it comes up a black screen, DO NOT WAKE UP YOUR WIFE WITH THAT NEWS and then tell her your son will help fix it when he knows that you will be the one who will need to fix it!!!!

I bolted out of bed knowing that this was it. The "biggie" I've been waiting to happen for weeks. My HP Pavilion (which as I mentioned is less than a year old) - has been having trouble booting up. Hours of calls over several weeks to HP - that temporarily postponed the inevitable - came to a head yesterday.

After speaking with the phone with a delightful rep from the Far East for an hour and a half at 5:30 in the morning, it was concluded that I'd need the rescue disks.

Whatever. What irritated me the most was that these customer service reps are trained to "diffuse" the situation by trying to be overly sympathetic. I know you've all experienced this. It is way more frustrating than saying NOTHING.

She started asking me if my computer was for business or personal use. When I mentioned it was for personal use but that I needed it fixed PRONTO because I'm headed to college next week she starts going on about how she knows how difficult it is at exam time. WTH? I haven't even started yet!!! She was going on an on about how tough it must be with exams trying to get all "cozy" with me, when not trying to pressure me into purchasing a $79 extended warranty.

Seriously before I dump another $79 into that PC I told her I'd buy a new one!!! Which she said was ridiculous.

Advice to HP Support: You may want to tweak your customer service training.

What are your thoughts on this patronizing approach? I prefer the cold hard truth without all the pleasantries!!!!!!

P.S. I mentioned all this to @HPSupport in a friendly tweet but apparently they are not interested in hearing more :D

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Milestone (filed under 'things I should not admit because then I don't seem hip')

Because I'm so frugal errrrrr cheap, VC and I have been sharing a phone for over a year, which is no biggie because when he is in school he can't have a phone with him anyway. That's my excuse.

The phone is rarely on unless we are expecting a call. Let's face it, I obviously don't have that many friends or family members who need/want to keep in contact with me on a regular basis.....I've never programmed any numbers into the phone or any of that fancy complex stuff.

I used to have a stylish Verizon flip phone - for 15 years until I realized that I didn't need it. I went out and purchased one of those prepaid phones and have been using the phone for the past year, with mixed results.

VC finally figured out an easier way to text on it so he is happier with it, but admitted to me the other day that on days when I have the phone and he needs to call home, he tells people he doesn't have his phone on him that day to avoid embarrassment because you know every 15 year old has a phone glued to them.

When we were in the car and the most recent report hinting that there might be a connection between cell phones and cancer came on, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta was saying that he didn't give cell phones to his kids at a young age because their brains are still growing which might present long-term danger, I pointed out to VC that he'll thank me in 20 years. I'm good like that - at pointing stuff out ;-)

My new $15 a month cell phone is great for quick calls, but if you need a guaranteed connection or plan on talking on the phone for any length of time, lots of luck with that.

To put it another way, if you don't mind talking through static at times when the call is not dropped, this is the phone for you!!!!!!

Today I was on my house phone. Do you remember house phones? We still have one :D - when my craptastic cell phone rang. I quickly hit the "ignore" button which I didn't realize was ignore until today, which meant the caller was forced to leave a message, which is all good and well except I don't know how to check voice mails. Well, to be honest, I do know how, kinda sorta, but I keep forgetting which key I need to press to access it.

With VC being away at my parent's house, I was required to figure out how to do it "all by myself."

After 8 plus minutes of fiddling with it, I can now say that I have successfully checked a voice mail!!!!! Score one for the hip mom ;-) !!!!!!!

Now, please don't go assuming I'm some backwoods idiot- because I'm quite computer savvy. It only took me 5 weeks to fix the "error at line 1" Internet Explorer error after all! Phones have never been my thing. I'd invite you to call me on my cell only it's too much trouble.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Reason to Quit Blogging or To Get Less Personal

I noticed while checking my stats yesterday (as abysmal as they are) - that there was a huge jump in page views. I immediately knew something was up because let's face it, this blog is no "Dooce."

Come to find out when looking at the stat page - where everything was compressed with a huge bar up the middle - that most of the visits were from one site (380+ visits), in the Netherlands.

While I'd love to think it was someone who was interested in reading my superb content ;-) more likely it was a spammer since there was hit after hit in succession.

I mentioned a while back that I'll be posting fewer personal photos, in part because I don't want them to wind up on some site in the Netherlands or any where else other than on my site.

Blogging has lost a lot of it's luster for me. Fewer people are reading fewer *personal* blogs and I'm wondering if it will soon be passe, replaced by the quick 'hit and run' that is twitter, facebook, etc.

What do you think? How long are you planning on maintaining a blog?

P.S. I think I may have solved the error that was occurring when my blog was viewed with Internet Explorer so it should hopefully load more easily for you now :-)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello Friends

I've not been in much of a blogging mood lately. Lots on my mind. Plenty to blog about but I'm just not feelin' it - I'm sure some of you can relate.

School is rapidly approaching and I'm starting to FREAK OUT!!! Been trying to find my books on the cheap online but haven't been able to find reduced prices on 3 of the books :-(

Why did I bring this on myself again? I keep forgetting!!! I could have easily stayed at my boring dead end job, but nooooooooooooooooooo always gotta shake things up.

I was a bit of a "B" last night and it is weighing on my conscience. When people annoy me I sometimes play ignorant when they need me to do something, especially when not asking and just telling you they need you to do something. This is a bad habit on my part - especially since it was not something that would be that difficult for me to do.

Now I'm thinking I need to do an about face, but I'll most likely just wait a week and see if the person resolves the issue on their own. But they are pretty helpless which is why I should have stepped up to the plate when no one else seemed to jump.

Just felt that I needed to confess this ugly side of me so you can see what you're dealing with ;-)

Do you have any similar passive aggressivity - does it keep you up at night?

Have you ever taken thyroid hormone replacement medication and found out it causes you to gain weight and gives you a pregnant looking belly? Yeah, I'm dealing with that also- and it is depressing the hell out of me :-( There is really no alternative other than to take it; I need to get my energy back before school starts or it will be a major train wreck....

Wow - this post is a real downer. Hope you are having a lovely summer.

P.S. I'm happy to see that J Lo loved herself enough to walk away from her marriage. Ahhhhh....the life of a Hollywood "star."
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