Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Shimmied and then Danced Like a Gypsy

Here are some photos from the bellydance recital. I've selected photos where there are not a lot of my "dance sisters" - (MB says it sounds like a cult when we say that LOL) in the pics because I'm not sure how they would feel about being broadcast to the internets via my clandestine blog.

Oh, just because I look like I know what I was doing, don't be fooled....That is the beauty of still photos vs. video!


[caption id="attachment_5592" align="aligncenter" width="336" caption="Me in My New Cabaret Costume"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_5595" align="aligncenter" width="336" caption="I'm Not Sure This Is an Official Dance Move - Looks Like I'm Stopping Traffic"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_5598" align="aligncenter" width="282" caption="My Shimmy"][/caption]

This photo is from the gypsy skirt dance performance. Me and the dancer next to me had a small collision at the outset. There is a lot of arm flailing involved in this one and we were very close together.

[caption id="attachment_5601" align="aligncenter" width="336" caption="Me Doing the Gypsy Skirt Dance"][/caption]

VC injured his back on Friday night (bruised and strained muscle) and it was questionable whether or not he would make it to the recital. He attended but we practically had to pry him out of his chair and prop him up for the reception afterwards. He is doing much better but our plans for the week have been stymied....Lesson learned!!

I'm hoping to be able to keep up with the dancing once I go back to college. If not, I'll be sad :-( It is a fun distraction - an hour a week when I can get my mind off the other crap I need to keep up with - Plus I like picking out my costume pieces :D <--- the real reason

My mom is in town this week and I'm running behind schedule since I had to wait on VC for three days, carrying up trays of food to his room while he rested his back- pampering him to the max; I hope to visit your fine blogs within the next couple days...

Monday, June 27, 2011

More Facebook "FUN" - next post: Dance Pics!!!

I was going to post the pictures from my belly dance recital this past weekend, but I'm too lazy to upload them, so I figured I'd continue on with more Facebook awkwardness - this time on MB's part.

BTW, I have just made this disclaimer as my latest Facebook post: "I must stop with my sarcasm/dark humor; effective today, only syrupy sweet comments on everyone's posts...." and people are already complaining about it :D

I loved reading all your comments on my previous post.  Facebook drama has added a fascinating new element of paranoia/neuroticism to our lives!

Well, my super favorite awesome cousin called last night (putting that in here in case he reads this post) -

While we were talking I mentioned that MB recently harvested 450 bulbs of garlic, from our tiny lot in the middle of suburbia. The garlic was located behind the 13 foot tall popcorn plants that we are growing, which is exactly why I refer to us at the "Addams Family," because we do what we want to do....

Pictures of garden and scary scarecrows to be posted after recital dance pics.

My cousin, being a fabulous Italian cook, suggested I put some in a brown mailing envelope to send some up North.  MB walked by as I was on the phone, so I said, "Let's send some garlic up to Cousin ___"  Then I handed him the phone because he and my cousin were starting to have lively banter back and forth.  For young people reading this, "lively banter" is what we old people use to describe conversations where people are dissing each other.

MB says to him:  "Didn't you see the pictures of the garlic that I posted on Facebook, " to which my cousin replies, "no, I did not."

At which time I reminded MB that he un-friended my dearest cousin months ago when he decided to elminiate everyone who did not rollerskate from his Facebook friends list, so as not to infiltrate the skating conversation with mundane, non-skating related stuff, the kind of stuff 99.9% of the population posts about.

So then he had to admit to my cousin that he did, in fact, remove him from his friends list and then I got back on the phone to explain MB's reasoning for said removal from his friends list; well, to such a point that it could be called "reasoning."

Have you ever removed anyone from your friend's list and then found yourself forgetting that you had done so?


Friday, June 24, 2011

So That's How You Are!

Facebook is getting on my nerves.  It's not the annoying people I see on MB's profile, one of whom has joined one of those multi-level marketing things *cough* pyramid scheme *cough*, who is always pushing her product.  That will fill a whole blog post, one that I intend to write later.  It's also not the people who are in love with their pets to the extreme.  Daily pet pictures and narratives in a creepy over the top way.  As if the pet is their spouse kind of way.

Who annoys me the most? It's the people who take everything you write literally!!!

I've noticed that Facebook reveals a lot of people's personalities that would have never come to light otherwise, like people who you thought had a sense of humor. Come to find out they do not.

People you did not realize were overly sensitive - come to find out they are!!!

Sometimes you discover this by writing a comment under a photo that is DELETED!!!!  Yes, this happened to me last night.  Please tell me I am not the first to have a comment deleted from the recipent's wall!  It's left me feeling like a big loser.

It was someone I went to high school with.  BTW, please don't get offended if I am not following you on Facebook.  The only reason I joined was due to that big High School reunion that occurred last year.  Other than old high school "friends," the rest of the people I've friended are family members, mostly far flung cousins.

Anyway, so this person from high school posted a photo of his brother and him from the late 1980's that they had made up as a gift for their mom.  Maybe that's where I went wrong; I'm not sure.

It was a good photo of the guy so I said something like, "Great photo.  You look smoldering. Is that a *cough* mullet."  I'd write the exact comment, only it was deleted.  Maybe it was the last part that he took offense with.  I don't know about you but I'd be flattered to be called "smoldering."  Am I wrong?

I just noticed that someone left this comment under the picture "Nice! Very Flock of Seagulls!"  Yet the Seagulls reference has not been deleted.  Another comment about his lips: and I paraphrase: "Your lips are ruby red - you need to trim your mustache and set those ruby reds free with a comment that his wife covets them as well."  That comment was not deleted.

Do you think my comment was "offensive."  I really had no idea he was so into his looks as to be offended by something like that.  It makes me question posting comments on people's photos in the future.

I did not do it with malice. I have no intention of trying to offend someone.

Sheesh!  I had some really wacky photos in the 1980's and you would be welcome to poke fun at them.  Heck, I'd even encourage it.

Contemplating removing him from my friends list because I run the risk of my fingers typing a similar comment in the future before my brain stops them.

Has anyone ever deleted a comment you left on Facebook?  Did it make you see them in a different light?


P.S. thanks to my first commenter, Janice, for being the voice of sanity - sometimes my mind does go to extremes :D  Only one way to find out for sure though - as someone in my house suggested, I need to leave the exact same comment again :D :D  Kinda like the Starbucks interview.

P.P.S. I realize that *cough* is past it's prime, remind me to stop using that expression

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today's Lesson: a, j, k - How to Drive Your Teen Crazy Over the Summer But He Will Thank You in the Long Run

Since nobody reads blogs during the summer months except those of you reading this now, I've decided to post some parenting stuff and other potentially useful tips.

Last week I had a brain storm.  I had just gotten back from taking my keyboarding test at the college *97 wpm* and VC was inquiring how I am able to type so quickly.  He said there is no way he can type without looking at the keyboard.

But a second past - and I was upstairs digging through my giveaway pile locating the instructional typing CD-ROM that I purchased in 2003 for less than $10.

Lucky VC, he is now spending 5 minutes a day doing fun, interactive typing lessons.  He balked and kicked and screamed on Day 1 but then he discovered it is fun in a learned kinda way, and he has agreed to 5 minutes a day.  But not more than 5 because he told his friends on Facebook Chat that he would be back in 5 minutes and you know they must be running their stopwatches or something ;-)

He is now at 14 wpm.

Of course I'll keep you posted on his progress because I'm turning into that mom in my previous post....


Monday, June 20, 2011

I Hope I Don't Go to this Extreme. If I Do, Slap Me

For the past two days I've been periodically peeking at the comments on this article about a family in which the parents encourage their kids to embrace technology to the extreme.

Between the 5 of them there are 9 blogs, multiple twitter and tumblr accounts - some of which the kids have embraced and some of which the parents have "nudged" the kids to join.

The mom has a blog where she sometimes posts pictures about the kids that they aren't too fond of - or updates on what they are doing  despite their objections.

On this here blog I usually run all pics of VC  past him before I post them to get his approval, ditto stories about him. I've eased up on posting about him lately since I know as a teen he doesn't want all his goings on broadcast to the world.

When the family goes on vacation they bring along a bag with all sorts of cords, adapters, etc. to make sure they are constantly connected through their blogs and other social networking sites.

A lot of this doesn't seem too extreme to me but it is the pushing of the kids to blog/tweet that many find objectionable and that the family is so plugged in they are undoubtedly missing out on life.

One comenter said he'd rather be Amish than live like them.

Is this just a new fact of life - that you need to be plugged in to succeed in life in 2011 - or do you think they've gone overboard?

I feel like a hypocrite writing this post since I may or may not have commented on one of their blogs :P

Maybe this is just another sign that I am doing the right thing focusing on school and moving my life in a more mind-expanding direction....

What do  you think?  Is it time we stepped away from the Blog?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who Is Caylee's Father?

It is difficult not to get caught up in the circus that has become the Casey Anthony trial, but for some reason I didn't realize until I saw a special last night that no one knows the identity of Caylee's father - it is not even listed on her birth certificate.

Given that Casey was a pregnant teenager at the time - even though her mother was telling friends at 7 months that Casey was just bloated - I mean how many partners could there be that no one has come forward to claim that they are the father or to identify who they think the father is.

In the age of Weinergate, everything becomes exposed eventually, which is why this is so unusual.

There is definitely a funky family dynamic going on in the Anthony family - amid the claims of childhood sexual abuse from both father and brother - and the brother even had to take a paternity test :-O)

If it was some teenage boy who had impregnated Casey you would think if he was trying to avoid paying child support that that would sadly be no longer an issue and that maybe now he would come forward.  Why all the silence??

This case gets more and more bizarre and is now being labeled as the OJ Simpson case of our time.

Are you keeping up with the trial?  What do you think?


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why, Thank You Walmart Sample Guy!

As you know, since the whole work/school debacle thingy, I've not been feeling that fab about myself.  Well, leave it to the Walmart Sample Guy to turn my frown upside down :D

After I got my piercing, VC and I headed to Walmart to pick up the ingredients for the Rachael Ray dishes that may or may not have contributed to my latest bloating woes.  As you can see, I only pick up the finest ingredients when I cook? Wanna come to dinner??? ;-)

Every now and then there is a one of those people with the cart handing out samples.  Occasionally it is an older guy in his 60's. Small build, quiet.

I went to grab a sample for myself of the yogurt he was handing out that day and then called over to VC who was in the dairy section picking out the cheeses.

When VC came to get his sample, he said, "Mom, blah blah blah (can't remember)."  Well, the sample guy, says to me, "I don't usually say this to people but I can't believe that you are his mother. When he called you 'Mom,' I was amazed. You look more like his sister."  Well, color me super giddy.

I know what you are thinking, that the Walmart guy says that to ALL the moms.  Maybe so, but I turned to him with tears in my eyes to say that he had made my day. Because he had. And yes, I'm an emotional wreck....

Well, MB and I were at the store again last Friday and we saw the same guy and I told the him how good he had made me feel so then he gushed to MB about how I could pass for VC's sister and then he complimented me because he said he could tell that VC and I shared such a good relationship and that you don't often see that these days what with parents beating the crap out of their kids at Walmart.  A while back I was seriously ready to haul a$$ on a dad who was smacking his kid. It was all I could to do control myself.  I am normally a calm person with low blood pressure, but as MB knows, if I get fired up about something, prepare for me to unleash the beast (in a good way of course).

The purpose of this post is not for me to seek an opportunity for you to heap praise on me about how young I look *go ahead anyway* but as a public service announcement to remind you to WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN.

Recently I took a pretty bad ribbing about how I still remind VC to wear his sunscreen even though he is a burly 15 year old.  "Hardy har har, carma still reminds him to wear sunscreen."

So who should happen to wind up at the dermatologist's office yesterday at my insistence to have a boatload of what turned out to be precancerous spots frozen off his face.

Something tells me I have been vindicated.

Did anyone see that chick on Dr. Oz yesterday with the sun damaged face?? Whoa!!!  She is only 4 years older than me but looked to be 70.  Even the $3,000 laser treatment did not turn back the time that much.

If I had not been vigilant about staying out of the sun do you think the Walmart Sample Guy would have made that comment to me?  I think not!

Unrelated topic, I heard on the news that Bin Laden's replacement has been named as Ayman al Zawahir and the serious news guy expressed some doubts to his future success because he is not as "charismatic" as Bin Laden.  When I think charismatic, the first person who comes to mind is always Bin Laden.

The song that the nerdy Beatles fan with all the "no. 1 hits" sang on America's Got Talent the other day has been going through my head, "Truck drivers aren't supposed to cryyyyyyyyy.♪ ♫."  I woke up singing it - scary.

Hey, I have a new giveway up - 500 business cards!!  Mosey on over and sign up after you apply sunscreen.....


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Day 4 in the Life of a Starbucks Rejectee and Things are Getting Bloated

You are not going to believe this new Starbucks development!!  Last night I received an email from the job site where I found the job opening for the Starbucks clerk in my local grocery store.  The site was notifying me that there was another opening.

So of course, I applied AGAIN!!

Because the only thing more fun than one Starbucks rejection without an interview would be TWO Starbucks rejections without being granted an interview!!!

I'll keep you posted on that.  In the meantime, there is a lot more pressing issue - literally- to tackle, namely what is causing my stomach to bloat up for days and the filling of my insides with gurgling air, which is making me want to burp - A LOT of air.

Now that I find myself unemployed, I've been trying to step it up in the kitchen.  Although after I saw MB's facebook update with his plank salmon and eggplant deluxe dinner that he fixed himself over the weekend, with the added comment that his wife (i.e. me) is an "OK cook" <---- his exact words!!!, my cooking days may become short-lived :D

Last week I watched the repeat of Rachael Ray's episode on her Top 10 Downloaded recipes.  I made two of them back to back.  One was a concoction of baked shells with ricotta and spinach, the second a broccoli casserole with 4 different cheeses.  Both called for a lot of onions and garlic.

Can't figure out if it was the richness of the food, the onions or garlic, which have given me problems in the past, or the fact that MB has been making batches of salsa for the past 6 weeks, with all ingredients from his garden, also loaded with onions and garlic.  He puts me to shame, I know....

Two days ago I decided that since our 24 hour antacids were of questionable age, that some Pepto Bismol would do the trick.  Well, three days into that little venture, I recalled the constipation problem that occurs from excessive Peptol Bismol consumption.  This was confirmed when I googled "Pepto Bismol constipation" and came up with this question from someone in the Yahoo! question forum:

Constipated from peptobismol help plz answer!!?

At this time, I will be quitting the Pepto.  What I'm wondering is if any of you have had this problem.  It may be the cheese.

Oh, I am not taking any Rx medications so it is not a side effect of any medications.  I know it could be debated whether I should in fact be on some type of daily medication :D

If you have experienced these symptoms and can provide a solution, I would be much obliged. I am not a big person, so a bloated belly becomes fairly obvious and can be confused with pregnancy belly.

P.S. If you have not yet seen the nose pics, click here.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 2 in the Life of a Starbucks Rejectee

Today I'm pondering whether it is worse to :

(a) get a rejection letter from the Starbucks in the local grocery store without even being granted an interview or

(b) get a rejection letter from a stand alone Starbucks

I'm thinking the grocery store one is worse because it has less cache. Your neighbors will see you working there and conclude that you've hit rock bottom.

And to make matters worse, VC said to me this morning that I smile way more than others!!! His comment, "You even smile when you are hurt, it's weird."

Dag nab it, why didn't he tell me that BEFORE I answered the question.

When I look back at my old blog posts I have to chuckle at all the melodrama. Like I had to bring in that part about the comment from my "sister in dance" LOL Really, if I was an outsider and came across this blog I'd be doing the head shake.

Well, on with my Starbucks coffee-less day.

This marketing major with 10+ years of stellar customer service under her belt shall take her services to a less caffeinated venue.

Do you know in the long run I'm going to make out very well moneywise now that I won't be drinking Starbucks coffee :D It's like they're paying me without hiring me!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Very Humbling Experience

Today I received my "rejection email" from an online application I put in for the Starbucks at our local grocery store. I did it on a lark, but half thought I might end up with the job, working a few hours a week while I took college classes the rest of the time.

It is all very humbling. Remember over the holiday season when I applied for that seasonal job I didn't get? I'm having deja vu.

I have a slight inkling of what may have done me in. On the required personality profile, I decided to answer honestly and not answer all the questions in superlatives, e.g. I was the best organized person at my last job, I spot all errors the first time, my chest is superawesome etc....

I answered some questions "more than" but on the question about smiling: Do you smile about the same as others, more than others or a lot more than others, I figured I'd put "about the same as others" - SCREEEEEEEEECH. I think they may have halted the application review at that point.

Some of this stems from dance class a few weeks ago. We were learning a new dance - a skirt dance, and we all had these deeply serious looks on our faces. I asked the teacher if we should be smiling during the dance like we do on the others (realizing that it was a more serious dance and that smiling might be out of place) - well, one of my dance compadres pipes up "Carma, you never smile anyway!!" Now this was at the time I decided not to pursue the program I had gotten accepted to and quit my job in the two week span. You know I was down in the dumps. But her words stung. When I am on the job I am always incredibly friendly and smile a lot. I safely could have answered the question that I smile "more than others" - but this was nagging me right there in the back of my mind and probably sealed the deal.

Have you ever had to fill out one of these online personality profiles before getting an interview. Did you answer in all superlatives?

Oh, BTW, another question asked how I felt about piercings in the workplace :-O) I answered "neutral" that I neither like a place that doesn't allow them (DUH) nor do I only want to work some place where everyone is all tatted up and pierced. This was my way of not revealing that I had a piercing or two. BTW, click here for photos :D :D

Are you a Starbucks reject? Let's commiserate.....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bye, Bye Meredith (My Meredith Memory)

After somebody re-tweeted Ann Curry's tweet this morning about it being Meredith Vieira's last day, I dropped everything, put on my 16 year old "maternity" workout shorts and headed upstairs to the elliptical.

I didn't want to miss out on all the festivities in celebration of her last day on The Today Show.  And it also shows how pitiful my life has become <---- kidding.  I'm getting more done than I have in a while.  I've been tidying up the place, catching up on laundry and paperwork and taking the occasional nap. I heard on the radio this afternoon that those 5 Hour Energy drinks are being consumed in large amount by senior citizens!!!  May be time I tried one.  How am I going to make it through the day when/if I get accepted at the new college I've applied to???

Yep, it's just one big vicious cycle around here lately.  I figured I've done so much prep work, that I can't give up on college just yet.  Although sometimes I do stop and remind myself that I already have a degree....

But that's neither here nor there because it was Meredith's LAST DAY!!!

Which means I need to concoct a fond tribute post.  And I seriously do have a memory.  Two years ago when we visited the outdoor set of the Today Show on our trip to NYC, VC was juggling in the crowd.  The weather guy (a substitute for Al, who was out that day) - came over along with the camera guy.  When they panned back to Meredith she said, "America's got talent. At least that kid does."  It was so sweet!!!!  Got it on video.

Amid all the shiny, sparkly news people, she seemed the most genuine - able to poke fun at herself and to be poked fun at (darn, I'm also being tested on "Sentence Structure" - better not make sentences like that one with the dangling participle).

Anyway, I'll seriously miss seeing her in the morning.  Ann often overdoes it a little too much for my taste, with the fawning over the guests and going overboard with the empathy, if there is such a thing ;-)

Did you read that Rep Weiner's wife is pregnant???  If you are having a lousy week, just remember it could always be worse, which reminds me I need to post my Weiner joke in reference to that:  "His kid will have a good role model - errr more like underwear model."  Uh, yeah, I'd better not send that joke to Leno.  Underwear model?   As if!  He creeps me out.  You know that if he wasn't in that position of power these women wouldn't give him the time of day....

If you have a tween or teen who is creative, I'd love it if you entered my giveaway.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Fun Book Review and a Giveaway!! (I May Yet Strike It Rich!)

If you have a teen who loves graphic novels (narrative works in which the story is conveyed to the reader using artwork) love to draw figures - even stick figures, and have a creative bent, this is the giveaway for you.

As you know, I love to dabble in the arts. Lately that means a lot of drawings like this one from a blog post from last year showing me with my blinged-out sneakers and  "edgy" Sephora bag :D  :


Graphic novels are hot! My son, VC, first introduced me to graphic novels when he got hooked on the Bone series of books. I took a peek at them and found the books to be incredibly clever.

Barbara Slate, a graphic novelist believes it is time for all of us to get the "story out of our head(s) and onto paper."

She has written a book aptly titled "You Can Do a Graphic Novel," in which she guides the reader through the steps to creating his/her own graphic novel, with steps such as "finding a drawing style regardless of ability" - yes!!, navigating the creative process and creating memorable characters.

Something I always get hung up on is feeling that I have to outline the entire book which gets overwhelming. I like that she advocates using post-its to jot down ideas whenever they come to you - and to store them in a box until you have enough to begin writing.

VC, my 15 year old son, also shares an interest in possibly collaborating on a book someday. He said that the illustrations in the book kept him interested.  We'll see what we can come up with....stay tuned.  It may be published sometime in the year 2051.

Giveaway: To win a copy of Barbara Slate's "You Can Do a Graphic Novel," simply tell me that you would like to win and if you will be using it yourself or if you have a creative friend or child in mind.

Giveaway ends Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. EST


P.S. I've been hung up on re-learning algebra - yes, I'm already onto my next college -  and having to re-do all my testing - never give up!  Details to come....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

MB is The Godfocker - A Stunning Realization

I think part of the reason I feel so lost these days is that VC has a full schedule and is barely around leaving lots of time for my mind to wander. Between Diving and Track he will be out 4 nights a week through the summer.  Lots of other stuff going on too between a new team he's joined (more on that later), his juggling gigs and going out to the movies with friends - well, you get the point....I'm almost an empty nester *cue panic attack*

MB has been kind enough to do some more things with me to get my mind off the sad state of my job/school affairs.  Maybe getting my nose pierced while looking for a job was not the best idea. Say what?????? ;-0  Oh, yeah, I did it.

Besides that we have been watching some movies.  I patiently sat through his roller skating fave "Roll Bounce" yesterday afternoon.  It wasn't half bad. Nick Cannon was awesome in his role.  Maybe Mariah had a good sixth sense about him after seeing the movie :D

Today we watched "Meet the Fockers" and let me tell you - we both came to the exact same conclusion midway through the movie:  My dad IS Robert DeNiro in that movie:  Both Italian, Both strict with the kids, Both look strikingly similar, close in age, Brooklyn accent **YIKES**   And MB, well, he is a shoe-in for the role of the hapless son in-law who means well, is eager to please someone who is impossible to please,  always coming up short in the eyes of his FIL.  Too many examples to list.  The only difference is that MB's family is the one with the family tree obsession.

[caption id="attachment_5401" align="aligncenter" width="369" caption="My Dad - third from Left; MB - center"][/caption]

About the only thing that hasn't happened yet is the knock down drag out fight in the ball pitt.  Just give it some time. And me, I'm right there stuck in the middle.

Welcome to my world.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Why I'll Never Strike It Rich

Now that I'm living the easy breezy lazy life, I got up late and was working out to the Today Show.  *oops - sorry for the interruption* just got a delivery from UPS.  A cool book giveaway that I am going to review.  I see it is addressed to "Carma Sez BOG" LOL

My blog is getting really bogged down these days with all my woe is me posts :D

But back to why I'll never get rich.  I was watching The Today Show and the author of the Forty Beads Method was on.

[caption id="attachment_5389" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="That Bead = Sex - dayum!!"][/caption]

I had never heard of this method until today.  It has something to do with when the husband wants some "action" - he puts a bead in the wife's bead bowl.  I'm not exactly clear how it works and what stops the guy from putting a bead in the bowl every day for 40 days, but supposedly it helps to enrich marriages.  When the author was questioned by Natalie Morales as to whether it puts the husband in too much control, she replied that there are "nudge cards" for the women to use.

Wow - that is awesome!!  A nudge card would make me feel in control of my life ;-)

But none of this touches on my main point other than that the author, Carolyn Evans, sells a special bead kit to accompany the book (reduced to $9.95 on Amazon).  It contains:

  • One white bone china Beadcatcher bowl

  • One leather tie pouch containing 40 crimson red ceramic beads

  • Three Nudge Cards (for optional use)

  • One note that reads, "Our adventure begins the moment you drop the first Bead" with space for the giver to personalize for recipient

All housed in a vibrantly colored, hinged keepsake box.
$39.95 + free shipping.

A mere $39.95!!!!  We are very resourceful at our house.  Couldn't we use some lentils and a soup bowl and save $40?

Ahhhh....but that's why I'll never strike it rich.  I do not have the entrepreneurial spirit. I would never figure that anyone would pay $9.95 for a bowl and some beads - let alone $39.95.

Reminds me of the pet rock.  Who would buy a rock??? :D

Now that I've reduced Ms. Evans method to the level of the Pet Rock, it's time to head to the shower and get on with my day. If VC wakes up before noon *unlikely* - I may get some grocery shopping done.  Can you feel the excitement of my new life??


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting It Together

I'm going to violate the cardinal rule of blogging:  Never Post Twice in a Day - with this update. It has been a crazy day. I'm more convinced than ever that I need to get some SLEEP.

On a positive note:  I have been in touch with a third college to confirm receipt of my transcripts so I now have three choices to choose courses from LOL.  I also applied for a temporary job today - WOOT!  I have also come up with some new ideas about potential avenues to explore.  Progress. Progress.

My neighbor has a Masters in Psychology so I picked her brain after I saw her checking her mail at the same time as me.  Clearly, though, the one whose brain needs looking at would be mine :D  We sat on the porch and she provided some helpful suggestions.  Sometimes it helps to talk to someone you are not related to if you want an unbiased opinion.  What I'm always hearing is, "I could never see you doing <fill in blank>."  There is a lot more to me than meets the eye.  There are many things I'd love to explore, such as working with at-risk kids.  Hey, I'm up on the music and am good with kids....

We talked and talked and then all of a sudden I saw MB's truck racing up the driveway.  That is never a good sign.  Then minutes later I saw him racing back out and then home again with VC in the truck.

Oh. My. Gawd.  I had lost track of time and forgot I told VC to call me if he needed a ride home from school since he was emptying his locker today.

To make things worse, MB freaked out because he knew I had been down in the dumps this morning and when he saw my car in the driveway and that I was nowhere to be found he figured I was floating down some river somewhere.  He even checked all the closets.

Man, did I feel like crap :-(

I mean I was sad, but not that sad. I've got to pull it together!!

On the brighter side, VC was very happy when he realized I was alive and well.  Times like this I realize there are people who still need me and that I'd better start focusing on that instead of getting lost in research all day.

You know, all the time I'm spending on researching, I could have been STUDYING!! :-(

I promise this is my last whiny post for at least 24 hours.


I'm Not Doing So Well :-(

Sorry if I have yet to return your encouraging comments.  The realization of my situation is starting to sink in and I've been waking up at night panicking about whether I made the wrong decision.

I mean who turns down a spot in a program that 150 people are vying for after all that testing??

I've been guilty in the past of running away from things at the first sign of adversity.  I'm sure I could have done well in the class had I given it a fair shot.  But now it is too late. The fall classes have already filled up and I'm in limbo.

If there is anything that sets off my anxiety it is the feeling of being in "limbo."

I've been searching online for jobs too and I can't help but feeling I am not living up to my full potential if I take another job like the one I just left.

Please send some positive vibes my way. I'll need all I can get to keep me moving and out of this "catatonic" state I get in when I don't know which way to go and am feeling paralyzed by my own anxiety.

Be well my friends!!  xxoo




The Nose Pics!!

A couple of you asked to see a pic of my new nose bling.  FYI, I am burying this post so it does not appear on my front page for a good reason, just don't ask :D I technically got it pierced on June 3rd, so it is closer to real-time anyway.

Here I am with Gabe.  As I've said before about Gabe, he resembles Frank Zappa and has better bedside manner than most doctor's I've been to:

[caption id="attachment_5465" align="aligncenter" width="403" caption="Me and Gabe and my nostril"][/caption]

My neck is very long.

How many bloggers do you know who are brave enough to post a close up photo taken with a point and shoot that has not been jazzed up with photoshop so that their eyes are bright blue and their skin is flawless *blows on knuckles and rubs knuckles on chest* Oh, yeah, I'm brave alright-- also probably foolish :D

Well, there you go. As I was leaving I asked Gabe if he had pierced any other middle aged moms lately, and he informed me that his mother, who is 60, came in for a piercing just last week.

Whether or not I'll be able to snag another job with my new nose bling remains to be seen of course....


[caption id="attachment_5464" align="aligncenter" width="363" caption="Unretouched Photo (bad idea)"][/caption]

Maybe I should have combed my hair before taking the photo.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!! I'll continue to brush up on my algebra in preparation for my test next Thurs, as well as cart VC around for his myriad of activities. His social life has already eclipsed mine - and I'm talkin' all 40 plus years of mine :D

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