Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas and Cleaning!!

Two words that go hand in hand. Kind of?  Now that I'm on Christmas Break, I've been trying the whip the place back into shape.  Although I didn't completely let things go over the last semester, it was short of my normal standards.

Before putting up the tree I make sure to vacuum the area so as not to stir up extra dust.  That was ingrained in my head from growing up in a tidy household.  I finally splurged on some more Swiffer Dusters too.

Here's a small glimpse of some of our christmas decor.  Although VC is now a teenager, we still put the Sesame Street ornaments on the tree- and the key chains from the Rudolph movie that we converted to Christmas ornaments because he liked the movie so much.  A friend gave it to us when he was about 2 years old since with his then blonde hair that flipped up in front he looked like Hermie the dentist.   While the tree is not very beautiful in the classic sense,  we fill it with fun memories.

Immersed in with these family memories are several beautifully handmade ornaments as well as a few ornaments that were carefully laid beside a dumpster. I kid not. We're all about reusing and recycling and perhaps the occasional dumpster diving ;-)

I'd be lying though if I said I can't wait until the decs are stored back away so we will have more open space.  I'm a big fan of open space :D

Are  you a traditional holiday decorator with classic decorations or more of a this n' that dumpster diving decorator?


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