Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Alec, Alec

I've written before about my Alec Baldwin crush which is really quite ridiculous.  Love him on 30 Rock although I haven't watched it at all this semester.  His awesome youtube skits with Jim from the office and his Capital One commercials and SNL appearances are a hoot too.  He has a dry wit that makes me happy.  What can I say.  I used to call it a "man crush" when referring to him but then someone informed me that I would need to be a guy for it to be considered a man crush.  Whatever.

Don't agree with much else he says outside of his acting.  Calling your child a "thoughless pig" is never a good idea, but whatever. I ignore it because it is Alec!

Now he goes and gets himself kicked off American Airlines.  I know one must take aviation seriously but I still would have liked to have been there to see it all go down and hold his hand and calm him down ;-)  Kidding.

Who is your celebrity crush that makes absolutely no sense and that you should not admit to?

Thanks for all of the good wishes for my finals week.  Yesterday my first final was one of those where I probably would have gotten the same grade whether or not I studied, which is sad.  Tomorrow is Anatomy & Physiology, which reminds me what I should be doing instead of updating the blog....


P.S. Judging from the comments thus far I would say there are not many Alec Baldwin fans present.  And now I read on the reputable news journal TMZ that he was an "epic jerk" according to eyewitnesses  :-(

P.P.S. Is anyone having problems with wordpress not sending comments to their email or is it just me, the Alec Baldwin Loser???

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