Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two Posts in One Week!!

I wanted to post about I study that a couple local DJ's were talking about the other day. Only I can't find it...I googled: "study about how many close friends people have vs 1980s" and up came these top 2 recommendations: "DOG- Wikipedia" and "Sexuality, homosexuality and bi-sexuality". Not quite what I was searching for.

The study compared the number of close friends a person has oday vs. back in my glory days, the rockin' 80's. Waaaaaaay back then it was common for people to have 3 to 4 close friends. Now the number is 1-2 (if I am getting that right).

The first two criteria were whether the friend is someone who would lend you money or take you in for an extended period if you are down and out, in which case I have zero close friends because I seriously don't think any of them would be offering either of those. Or maybe they would. I'll need to ask just in case.

What do you think? Silly criteria or true in your case?

P.S. Many people answered that they have 0 close friends, the reason being that (1) they have nothing to say or (2) they have a lot to say but no one wants to hear it...

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