Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Twenty Minute E-mail

You know where all my studying time is going??  To returning emails.

I just sat here and spent 20 minutes on an email that should have taken 2 minutes tops to compose.  Unlike with the hastily posted updates to this blog, when I send a reply email I'm always second guessing, especially when it involves people like the exact same one I had the run-in with at the grocery store parking lot where I rambled on like an idiot.

How to answer the question, make everyone happy, not offend....A simple "No" becomes an excruciatingly long, drawn out process (in my mind).

This constant ruminating is a huge time suck.  Considering I have 4 tests next Monday-Tuesday and then finals the next week, I need to get my non-inflated with fix-a-flat buttocks in gear.

Thank you for all the good wishes. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

All emails received over the holidays will not receive a thoroughly thought out hand-crafted response ;-)

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