Saturday, November 5, 2011

OMG - I'm Back!!!

Thank you to the two people who inquired about my blog being down for 4 days. It's good to feel loved :D

Those of you considering self-hosted wp, this is one of the drawbacks. It seems whenever the host site makes a tweak, I need to go to my domain manager to re-link to the new address. Who knew??? I'm more into the writing of blog posts, what little I've done lately, than the techie part so this is a source of much frustration and had me strongly considering a return to Blogger. Oh yeah, I said Blogger.

But here I am. Oh, did I mention I studied 16+ hours for a lab test last weekend? Yep, I cloistered myself in the house for 3 days, only to show up for class on Tuesday to find the prof. had cancelled class and the exam would now be TAKE HOME!!! GRRRRRRRRR.... I've realized I am spending too much time studying and need to scale back. Of course, just when I do that is when they'll hit me with a doozy.

In other news, I discovered the $42 foundation I had been using last year looks much better than the $12 foundation I am now using. This was discovered by squeezing out a teeny bit I had left in the old tube that was sitting in the drawer. Do I go back to splurging on the $42 foundation or put the extra $30 money for VC's college fund??? Now, that's a tough one!

This time of year is when fancy grocery stores are holding their holiday food tasting events. I encourage you to check them out, as me and MB did today. It will save you having to make dinner and assuming an annoying neighbor does not come along and disrupt your free meal, as happened today, the food can be quite enjoyable. Plus fingers crossed that I'll win one of the gift baskets :-)

It's the simple things that keep me going. Only a month and 2 days til holiday break from school. I CANNOT WAIT!!! Excited about my little "freelance" art opportunity I have this week. If I could parlay that into a regular gig helping artists host openings at their studios, I'd quit college IN A HEARTBEAT. and pass up on the whopping 10.50-$12.00 an hour that I'll have the "opportunity" to make upon graduation as stated in the official Student Handbook.

Remember to turn your clocks back tonight. Extra sleep YAY!!!

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