Friday, November 25, 2011

No BF Shopping for Me, No Sir!

Ahhhh...just rolling out of bed at 8:20 am.  Once again, I've decided to take a pass on all of the Black Friday festivities.  I must be getting old because the thought of the chaos freaks me out.

Plus, it's not like we really need anything, even though VC pointed out last night that the black bars on top and bottom of the movies we watch on our "antique" TV's seem to be getting bigger the more outdated our TV's get.  Also, words are cut off if they are on the far margins - "Free" shows up as "ree."  But the TV we normally use fits so nicely in the teak TV cabinet and a new TV would mean a new cabinet.  And the wide array of choices is mindboggling.  Still not making any progress with my decision-making abilities...

In what was probably a sign, I had a dream this morning that I walked by a drug store and they were giving out free vouchers.  I waited in line for mine - and it was for $8.00.  I figured I could get whatever I wanted but it ended up the voucher was only good on straw hats with wool flowers - which sold for $49.95 or some hideous flowers made of yarn.  I have a feeling that is what my real BF shopping would have ended up like.
Did you brave Black Friday?

P.S. If anyone can tell me if my feed is set up correctly it would be helpful.  Seems it may still be going through my old blog somehow?  Also, any way to move over the Google Friend Connect or do I need to start from scratch?  It used to be working but not any more... thanks :-)

P.P.S.  Ha ha. I read this back and realized I didn't mention the thought of going Black Friday shopping - for OTHERS!!!  Well, we don't exchange many gifts so it is not worth the BF effort - and it's not like I'll be giving out LCD TV's...


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