Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Great Mattress Debate

Well, VC has been pining for a new mattress for some time now.  He wants a number bed like we have and yet, I gotta tell you, I am hesitant, mainly because he'll be off to college in 2 years and his old mattress still has some life in it, though it's reached the dreaded 8 year mark according to the tag.

It has "life" because for many of those years it was rarely used as it sat in our guest room.  It is no secret that people don't like to come and visit us - kidding ;-)  maybe :D

I would spring for the mattress if his bed was a larger size, but it is a full size and therefore won't fit on the new larger guest bed once he leaves- plus it is too small for our bed.  I am in quite the quandary.  Fortunately as he is a teen, we don't need to worry about any fancy duvet covers.  He is a simple guy.  Although with all his crazy acrobatics he is someone who needs a nice mattress to relieve his aching joints.  I tell him he is like a 65 year old with his knee and wrist braces.

So, let me hear it, do I shell out $700+ bucks for the full size mattress (no box spring is needed)?


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