Friday, October 7, 2011

THAT Person

I can't believe I haven't posted in October yet!  Anyway, so last night I had to head out to seek a wireless signal so that I could go on the internet.  MB, in his infinite wisdom and love of digging, had severed the phone line in the back yard so we had no DSL.

Panic immediately set in - because I had an ONLINE TEST TODAY!!!!!  It was a very sleepless night, but the repair guy arrived bright and early this morning and got us set up. Disaster averted...

Anyway, so last night I was looking for a wireless signal. I thought for sure there would be one in the supermarket at the Starbuck's area, but there was not - we moseyed around (VC and I) and found that there was a strong signal outside the burger joint.  So we camped out on some wire chairs and I checked emails and he watched some Repo Man show on YouTube.  We were about to close up when he realized he needed to access his online textbook to do his homework, so with a little ingenuity and photographing of screen, he was able to go home and do his work.

All of this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the point of this post.  It is that I bumped into THAT person outside the supermarket.  The person around whom I always freeze up and sound like a bumbling idiot the minute I open my mouth.

We got to discussing juggling and how VC would miss it due to the RenFest, at which point I blurted out that I hoped it would be warm on Sat for the first day, not that that made a big difference. Then I rambled on about how we had no internet since the phone line was in the middle of the backyard and MB severed it and the Library was closed on Thursdays so VC was sitting - pointed to spot - doing his homework and that he did a "little thing" at the school that morning (meaning a juggling performance although it was hard to tell from my wording) because it was Fairytale day and that it was so touching that the teacher of one of the educationally challenged kids came up to him to say the boy had said "that was awesome" - and that was monumental because he normally doesn't speak much and then I closed with something about keeping us posted.

*Catches breath*

Do you have one of these people in your life.  Those who do not say much so you feel like you need to fill in the gaps when you really should ST*U?

I'd like to say I'll remember to do that next time, but you know I won't.....

Have a great weekend everybody.  Miss you all xxoo


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