Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hollywood Fake Teeth = Not So Hot

Had a horrible, horrible online test yesterday. The clock was ticking and I was sweating. I swear this stress is not healthy.

Which brings me to fake teeth. I was looking at some photos of a sports star yesterday. While flipping through the slideshow, I noticed his teeth used to be totally different. He had one of those snaggle tooths, which on him was cute and he was still hot, and normal colored teeth. Fast foward a couple years and he had the complete Hollywood tooth makeover, perfect shockingly white teeth, which I think aged him greatly. I'm not mentioning his name because he was recently in a horrible tragedy :-(

What makes people think a full set of veneers so that every tooth looks perfect makes them look better, especially if they were already good looking to begin with?

It almost looks like they are wearing dentures.

Oh well. Don't think I'll be signing up for the Hilary Duff Special any time soon. You?

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