Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yes, The Bimbo Degree!!

Yesterday I was picking VC up from helping a classmate with editing a video she was making.  I got to chatting with her mom and then told VC that we needed to run since I had a big test tomorrow (today - and let me say it was a doozy!!!!)

She asked what my major was because she was surprised to hear I was studying Anatomy & Physiology - when I told her she said, "Oh, you mean those bimbos at the doctor's office study THAT???"  She was incredibly surprised since she said most of the medical assistants she has come across when she visits the doctor don't seem too intelligent.

So let me boil things down:  I have gone from working at an upscale art gallery, where people used to Ohhh and ahhhhh when they heard what I did, to going to school to get another degree so I can get a job as a bimbo.


P.S. Blogging has become my guilty pleasure.  To take a few minutes away from my books to make a posting provides some much needed levity.  Sorry that I haven't been around to visit, but I'll get there....when I'm on break.  Too many body parts to memorize so I need to keep my focus.

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