Friday, September 23, 2011

Things from Today that Made me Paranoid

I think this will be a recurring segment.

I was driving VC to his gig downtown tonight - and he decided to take a nap.  I glanced over and realized that his seat was completely folded flat (yay Element!) - but I was in the *GASP* HOV lane.  OH MY GAWD, what if no one was able to see that I had a passenger in my car??????  The window is such that there is no way anyone could have seen him.

Do I move over to the right lane or just stick it out???  What if there are cameras?

Continuing along in the HOV lane at a high rate of speed and then realizing that my fancy new purse has opened and the contents are slowly rolling under my foot, such as a cap for my portable bug spray LOL. Do I sound like a granny?

Speaking of grannys, realizing that I am wearing underwear that sticks out above my low rise jeans but that I am too lazy to change so I just make sure I do not bend over all evening.  Now, this underwear was labeled as "bikini" - as in bikinis for a octogenarian!!!

Realizing that I have another big Anatomy & Physiology test next Thursday and only a teeny tiny bit prepared so I bring along my books to VC's gig. I am on information overload.

Oh, and turning on the computer this morning to find a black screen and blinking cursor, one day after I did a complete reinstall to factory settings.  Yes, on the day I was scheduled to take an online test. Yay me!!! ;-)

But on a positive note, my hair looked Super-Awesome today :D

I hope you all have a paranoid-free weekend.


P.S. Congrats to "nerdy" - winner of my SUPER giveaway.  She was the first comment!  See, first commenters DO Win!


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