Monday, September 5, 2011

As the Blog Limps Along

I am finally able to post again on my blog! In a bizarre circumstance, I was unable to access my website from my home network; not one of the computers could pull up the site. Still no idea how the issue was resolved - whether it was the internet provider or the host site, but regardless I can post again.

Not that I will have many interesting posts, since they will mostly be whiney school posts. Much like the blog, school is limping along. I've taken a step back and realized if I kept up the pace I was going at, I'd have a complete breakdown by December. Part of my new acceptance plan will involve taking a lower grade on some things rather than trying to achieve perfection and hoping to make up for it on future tests/projects.

I seriously had no idea the program would be this rigorous or I may not have signed up :-O) It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I frankly don't need the stress!!!

Still can't decide if it is the major for me. Suppressing my artsy/creative side in the interest of conforming will not be fun :-( But then I knew that when I signed up.

I miss the days when you could pick a major that was something you would excel at and be pretty much guaranteed a job. Fact is that the jobs I would be good at are not hiring!! My theory is that if I was to spend the time to go back to school it would be for something which had hiring potential.

Which meant only one thing: the Medical field.

Would you feel comfortable having me check your blood pressure and take your blood????? :D

My advice if you want to be happy: Don't do as I do.

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