Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yes, Ma'am I Understand. Oh ReaaaalllllY?

I beg to differ.

Oh, just reflecting on yesterday's morning's colossal computer crash. Note to husbands: If you turn on the computer at 5:30 am and it comes up a black screen, DO NOT WAKE UP YOUR WIFE WITH THAT NEWS and then tell her your son will help fix it when he knows that you will be the one who will need to fix it!!!!

I bolted out of bed knowing that this was it. The "biggie" I've been waiting to happen for weeks. My HP Pavilion (which as I mentioned is less than a year old) - has been having trouble booting up. Hours of calls over several weeks to HP - that temporarily postponed the inevitable - came to a head yesterday.

After speaking with the phone with a delightful rep from the Far East for an hour and a half at 5:30 in the morning, it was concluded that I'd need the rescue disks.

Whatever. What irritated me the most was that these customer service reps are trained to "diffuse" the situation by trying to be overly sympathetic. I know you've all experienced this. It is way more frustrating than saying NOTHING.

She started asking me if my computer was for business or personal use. When I mentioned it was for personal use but that I needed it fixed PRONTO because I'm headed to college next week she starts going on about how she knows how difficult it is at exam time. WTH? I haven't even started yet!!! She was going on an on about how tough it must be with exams trying to get all "cozy" with me, when not trying to pressure me into purchasing a $79 extended warranty.

Seriously before I dump another $79 into that PC I told her I'd buy a new one!!! Which she said was ridiculous.

Advice to HP Support: You may want to tweak your customer service training.

What are your thoughts on this patronizing approach? I prefer the cold hard truth without all the pleasantries!!!!!!

P.S. I mentioned all this to @HPSupport in a friendly tweet but apparently they are not interested in hearing more :D

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