Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ignore My Previous Whiney A$$ Post

I've got more important things on my mind, like should I purchase one of these Nose Huggies to get rid of the bump on my nose??

.99 on ebay - not sure if it worth the gamble?

If you are wondering how the Nose Huggie works, according to the website:

To use the Nose Huggie simply open the hinges and place it on your nose, closer to the bottom where all the cartilage is. Remember, consistency is the key with this product so try to wear it every day for about 15 minutes. After about 2 weeks you will start to see your nose will appear noticeably smaller and thinner, and straighter on the bridge....a large percentage of your nose is made of cartilage which can be gradually be changed to a desired shape with appropriate pressure. This is why the Nose Huggie works.

I'll have to research this further when I start my anatomy class...All I know is that the before and after pictures are remarkable - as good as surgery. And I'm sure there is NO WAY they could ever be photoshopped...

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