Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Photos in the *gasp* Family Room!!!!

Thank you throngs of blog visitors ;-) Gonna keep it easy breezy today. I start school on Monday and my blogging time will be very limited as I get my mind back in action. It hasn't seen much heavy duty brain activity in the last 4 years or more, unless you count making of my intense youtube videos.

Todays topic: Is it gauche to hang photos of your family - separate photos of kids and joint family photos - in the FAMILY ROOM?

I'm a sucker for free magazines - and in one of these fine publications, a local interior decorator had this to say about home accessorizing (and I paraphrase):

Family photos are meant to be hung in the private areas of the home - i.e. hallway to bedrooms or stairway. which point I glanced over the family room where we have two large family photos hanging over the TV cabinet and a black and white photo of VC that is at least three feet tall on a side wall surrounded by several small black and whites of VC/us grouped and matted in 3 tall frames.

That doesn't sound like overkill does it?? Should I ban them from the family room?

Where do you hang your family photos?

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