Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Milestone (filed under 'things I should not admit because then I don't seem hip')

Because I'm so frugal errrrrr cheap, VC and I have been sharing a phone for over a year, which is no biggie because when he is in school he can't have a phone with him anyway. That's my excuse.

The phone is rarely on unless we are expecting a call. Let's face it, I obviously don't have that many friends or family members who need/want to keep in contact with me on a regular basis.....I've never programmed any numbers into the phone or any of that fancy complex stuff.

I used to have a stylish Verizon flip phone - for 15 years until I realized that I didn't need it. I went out and purchased one of those prepaid phones and have been using the phone for the past year, with mixed results.

VC finally figured out an easier way to text on it so he is happier with it, but admitted to me the other day that on days when I have the phone and he needs to call home, he tells people he doesn't have his phone on him that day to avoid embarrassment because you know every 15 year old has a phone glued to them.

When we were in the car and the most recent report hinting that there might be a connection between cell phones and cancer came on, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta was saying that he didn't give cell phones to his kids at a young age because their brains are still growing which might present long-term danger, I pointed out to VC that he'll thank me in 20 years. I'm good like that - at pointing stuff out ;-)

My new $15 a month cell phone is great for quick calls, but if you need a guaranteed connection or plan on talking on the phone for any length of time, lots of luck with that.

To put it another way, if you don't mind talking through static at times when the call is not dropped, this is the phone for you!!!!!!

Today I was on my house phone. Do you remember house phones? We still have one :D - when my craptastic cell phone rang. I quickly hit the "ignore" button which I didn't realize was ignore until today, which meant the caller was forced to leave a message, which is all good and well except I don't know how to check voice mails. Well, to be honest, I do know how, kinda sorta, but I keep forgetting which key I need to press to access it.

With VC being away at my parent's house, I was required to figure out how to do it "all by myself."

After 8 plus minutes of fiddling with it, I can now say that I have successfully checked a voice mail!!!!! Score one for the hip mom ;-) !!!!!!!

Now, please don't go assuming I'm some backwoods idiot- because I'm quite computer savvy. It only took me 5 weeks to fix the "error at line 1" Internet Explorer error after all! Phones have never been my thing. I'd invite you to call me on my cell only it's too much trouble.

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