Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moving On

I've spent countless hours reading comments under Casey Anthony posts. Talk about wasted time. It was encouraging to read that Vivid has withdrawn their offer for her to star in a "video" because so many people wrote in and expressed outrage.

I have no idea who the genius behind this pic is or I'd give credit, isn't it a hoot???

[caption id="attachment_5664" align="aligncenter" width="130" caption="Party Pals!!!"][/caption]

If we would all stop consuming this stuff (not the photo above - which rocks), me included, there will be no way for her to profit from the death of Caylee.

While reading a post on a popular blog, I came across something disturbing. This photo of Kendall Jenner:

Now, I'm very liberal when it comes to dressing, but this photo made me cringe, because while she is a beautiful girl, she is ONLY 15 YEARS OLD!!! The exact same age as VC.

So while Casey will no doubt exploit Caylee for profit, I wonder how much mama Jenner is making from her daughter's modeling career?? Not that there is anything wrong with a modeling career, maybe just more of a clothed one at this age....

Am I being an old fuddy duddy on this one?

P.S. Did you hear Casey's attorney Jose Baez, referred to her as a "GOOD MOM" ROTFLMAO - yep, right up there next to Mommie Dearest

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