Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Think I'll Remain a Blank Canvas

I was reading an article about how tattoos are becoming the "new black" for suburban moms. I was shocked for about half a millisecond.

Last weekend we spent some time on the beach and I noticed we were about the only ones who didn't have tattoos.

Most of the bellydancers in my class have tattoos - one is working on a full arm "sleeve" -

I've personally got no issues with people who have tattoos - some that I've seen have been quite artsy and maybe even 'meaningful,' some not so much, like the one dancer who got a tattoo of a belly dancer on her side (a large one) - the face wasn't all that pretty so she was looking to have it fixed by covering part of it with some more hair. The body looked great though....

The author of the post mentioned that she spoke to her tattoo artist and he said his next place was going to be smack dab in the middle of a suburban enclave, since that is where most his customers come from.

Not to knock suburban moms because I guess I can technically be considered one, but you know once the main clientele is suburban moms, well, it sort of takes out some of the edginess.

I think it may get to the point where those who don't have tattoos are considered the edgy ones, so I'll wait for that to happen and save myself the pain ;-)

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