Monday, July 11, 2011

I Am Sick of Computer Stuff!!!! And Life Update

Thank you for bearing with me until I can completely straighten out all wonki-ness associated with my site. It looks like the server is back up, which is a good thing. If you are still having trouble viewing my site and getting an error code, please send me an email with the code. As much info as I can get will be helpful to get all problems resolved soon.

I was discussing with a blog friend today some of the pros and cons of leaving blogger and going to self-hosted. Well, one con about self-hosted has been fairly obvious - i.e. complete site blackouts from time to time. If you are happy with blogger and are more interested in posting than in dealing with technical glitches, you may want to stick with blogger.

My PC, which is about 6 months old has also picked this week to crap out on me. I've spent hours on chat with the folks at HP, and while it seems to be running for now, I'm not ready to sit back and relax because it was working fine earlier in the week after a boot - up repair, but now minutes ago it went to black screen again and I had to go into recovery mode :-(

One of the benefits of going back to school in the fall will be time away from the computer. Some folks love to tinker with all this technical stuff. I am not one of those.

Give me a happy creative project and I'll be in my element, no pun intended. This other crap makes me want to pull my hair out...

And to say I'm not necessarily surrounded by patient people - well, yeah, I'm not necessarily surrounded by patient people....

To be the house Management Information Systems Department/Chief Computer Repair Officer is a role I'd gladly give up.

Enough of my whining.

Quick synopsis of other things going on: I've been searching Dress Codes for my new major at school and if it is similar to the ones I've seen online, the required dress code will border on Amish-looking, even beyond the removal of my piercing which is still making me sad.

VC is doing well at diving but he likes to wear a swimsuit that doesn't draw attention because he is not as skilled as the others who have been diving for years. If I could find a swimsuit the color of the diving board and pool tiles, he'd probably wear it. He finished his behind the wheel driver's ed class last week. Next step is to wait at the DMV for 4 hour to get his permit.

I can confirm that I do not have Tb - that was a required medical test before starting school. I've been having a complete under the hood check up and lots of needles - Man, I'm psyched :D Not really, but I must get my mind clear and into study mode by mid-August.

What's up with you?

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