Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Headed to My Fave Kind of Doctor Today - WOOT! <--- not exactly

Getting old is the pits. Remembering back to when I was young - there was never a concern that I'd ever get anything other than one of those postcards in the mail two weeks after the visit saying that everything was A-OK, so when I got a phone message from the doctor's office, I was thinking Holy CARP!!!!!!

Figured it was not a big deal and that I'd just follow up at my yearly visit next year instead of at the 4 month point like they recommended only they said that was not gonna happen...

So today I'm off to the "lady part" doctor for another check.

Being one of those who never programs numbers in the phone or writes them down, I had to google her information. Have you ever looked at the doctor reviews for your doctor when doing a google search? You will find out all sorts of interesting things you wished you never knew, such as this review about the doctor I'm about to visit:

I wouldn`t let this woman deliver my dog`s puppies. She is cold harsh judgemental and just plain rude!

Out of the 8 reviews on that particular site she averaged two stars out of 4 stars possible.

Now, I've been seeing this doctor for at least 8 years and she has already performed a minor sugery successfully - sure she's not the friendliest. As I said before about my piercer, he has better bedside manner than most doctor's I've seen...

Anyway, hopefully it is nothing major. Dr. Oz happened to be doing a segment this morning on the exact same reason I'm headed back to her office, so with the Good Doctor's advice in my back pocket, I think I'm well prepared knowledge-wise even though I can't recall the exact name other than it started with an 'A'.

What are your thoughts on getting old and doctor review sites???

P.S. I've been out of town which is why you haven't seen me on your site; hoping to get back with everyone this week. Didn't want to announce my trip to the world or my valuable possessions might be missing upon my return, not that we have anything of much value; a burglar would be sorely disappointed :D

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