Wednesday, July 20, 2011

America's Got Talent?

I'm not normally a big TV watcher outside of real life crime dramas. Speaking of which - did anyone catch 48 Hours last night - with the female cop killer? Very intriguing that it took UH 20 YEARS!! to arrest her given the situation....and her beady eyes - very creepy....

It was a nice contrast flipping between the seriousness of 48 Hours and the train wreck that was last night's Americas Got Talent. Talk about incredibly underwhelming!!! A few of the singing acts were noticeably off-key and the juggler!!!! Good Lawd - what a mess that performance was. To be fair, I did not see him in the previous shows so maybe he was spectacular and just having an "off" night. People have suggested many times to VC that he should audition but he brushes it off because jugglers have never been shown much respect on the show, especially in the Hasselhoff days - His disdain for jugglers was fairly obvious. So we were surprised to see a juggler on last night.

VC was about to head to bed when he decided he'd replicate the trick that the juggler did as his finale - and didn't quite pull off: juggling 5 clubs on a rolla bolla.

He ran to the basement with 5 clubs - hopped on the rolla bolla and did it, the first try.

Of course there wasn't the pressure of having an audience - but still....

He is convinced that to get on the show as a juggler you need to have a schtick, and he is not big on that - he is more into the sport side of juggling without the clowning.

But you never know.....Maybe he'll be one of those jugglers that is in their 70's when he decides to audition and then he'll get on the show since everybody loves and old person with talent :D

What's up with you this week?

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