Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why, Thank You Walmart Sample Guy!

As you know, since the whole work/school debacle thingy, I've not been feeling that fab about myself.  Well, leave it to the Walmart Sample Guy to turn my frown upside down :D

After I got my piercing, VC and I headed to Walmart to pick up the ingredients for the Rachael Ray dishes that may or may not have contributed to my latest bloating woes.  As you can see, I only pick up the finest ingredients when I cook? Wanna come to dinner??? ;-)

Every now and then there is a one of those people with the cart handing out samples.  Occasionally it is an older guy in his 60's. Small build, quiet.

I went to grab a sample for myself of the yogurt he was handing out that day and then called over to VC who was in the dairy section picking out the cheeses.

When VC came to get his sample, he said, "Mom, blah blah blah (can't remember)."  Well, the sample guy, says to me, "I don't usually say this to people but I can't believe that you are his mother. When he called you 'Mom,' I was amazed. You look more like his sister."  Well, color me super giddy.

I know what you are thinking, that the Walmart guy says that to ALL the moms.  Maybe so, but I turned to him with tears in my eyes to say that he had made my day. Because he had. And yes, I'm an emotional wreck....

Well, MB and I were at the store again last Friday and we saw the same guy and I told the him how good he had made me feel so then he gushed to MB about how I could pass for VC's sister and then he complimented me because he said he could tell that VC and I shared such a good relationship and that you don't often see that these days what with parents beating the crap out of their kids at Walmart.  A while back I was seriously ready to haul a$$ on a dad who was smacking his kid. It was all I could to do control myself.  I am normally a calm person with low blood pressure, but as MB knows, if I get fired up about something, prepare for me to unleash the beast (in a good way of course).

The purpose of this post is not for me to seek an opportunity for you to heap praise on me about how young I look *go ahead anyway* but as a public service announcement to remind you to WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN.

Recently I took a pretty bad ribbing about how I still remind VC to wear his sunscreen even though he is a burly 15 year old.  "Hardy har har, carma still reminds him to wear sunscreen."

So who should happen to wind up at the dermatologist's office yesterday at my insistence to have a boatload of what turned out to be precancerous spots frozen off his face.

Something tells me I have been vindicated.

Did anyone see that chick on Dr. Oz yesterday with the sun damaged face?? Whoa!!!  She is only 4 years older than me but looked to be 70.  Even the $3,000 laser treatment did not turn back the time that much.

If I had not been vigilant about staying out of the sun do you think the Walmart Sample Guy would have made that comment to me?  I think not!

Unrelated topic, I heard on the news that Bin Laden's replacement has been named as Ayman al Zawahir and the serious news guy expressed some doubts to his future success because he is not as "charismatic" as Bin Laden.  When I think charismatic, the first person who comes to mind is always Bin Laden.

The song that the nerdy Beatles fan with all the "no. 1 hits" sang on America's Got Talent the other day has been going through my head, "Truck drivers aren't supposed to cryyyyyyyyy.♪ ♫."  I woke up singing it - scary.

Hey, I have a new giveway up - 500 business cards!!  Mosey on over and sign up after you apply sunscreen.....


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