Friday, June 3, 2011

Why I'll Never Strike It Rich

Now that I'm living the easy breezy lazy life, I got up late and was working out to the Today Show.  *oops - sorry for the interruption* just got a delivery from UPS.  A cool book giveaway that I am going to review.  I see it is addressed to "Carma Sez BOG" LOL

My blog is getting really bogged down these days with all my woe is me posts :D

But back to why I'll never get rich.  I was watching The Today Show and the author of the Forty Beads Method was on.

[caption id="attachment_5389" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="That Bead = Sex - dayum!!"][/caption]

I had never heard of this method until today.  It has something to do with when the husband wants some "action" - he puts a bead in the wife's bead bowl.  I'm not exactly clear how it works and what stops the guy from putting a bead in the bowl every day for 40 days, but supposedly it helps to enrich marriages.  When the author was questioned by Natalie Morales as to whether it puts the husband in too much control, she replied that there are "nudge cards" for the women to use.

Wow - that is awesome!!  A nudge card would make me feel in control of my life ;-)

But none of this touches on my main point other than that the author, Carolyn Evans, sells a special bead kit to accompany the book (reduced to $9.95 on Amazon).  It contains:

  • One white bone china Beadcatcher bowl

  • One leather tie pouch containing 40 crimson red ceramic beads

  • Three Nudge Cards (for optional use)

  • One note that reads, "Our adventure begins the moment you drop the first Bead" with space for the giver to personalize for recipient

All housed in a vibrantly colored, hinged keepsake box.
$39.95 + free shipping.

A mere $39.95!!!!  We are very resourceful at our house.  Couldn't we use some lentils and a soup bowl and save $40?

Ahhhh....but that's why I'll never strike it rich.  I do not have the entrepreneurial spirit. I would never figure that anyone would pay $9.95 for a bowl and some beads - let alone $39.95.

Reminds me of the pet rock.  Who would buy a rock??? :D

Now that I've reduced Ms. Evans method to the level of the Pet Rock, it's time to head to the shower and get on with my day. If VC wakes up before noon *unlikely* - I may get some grocery shopping done.  Can you feel the excitement of my new life??


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