Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who Is Caylee's Father?

It is difficult not to get caught up in the circus that has become the Casey Anthony trial, but for some reason I didn't realize until I saw a special last night that no one knows the identity of Caylee's father - it is not even listed on her birth certificate.

Given that Casey was a pregnant teenager at the time - even though her mother was telling friends at 7 months that Casey was just bloated - I mean how many partners could there be that no one has come forward to claim that they are the father or to identify who they think the father is.

In the age of Weinergate, everything becomes exposed eventually, which is why this is so unusual.

There is definitely a funky family dynamic going on in the Anthony family - amid the claims of childhood sexual abuse from both father and brother - and the brother even had to take a paternity test :-O)

If it was some teenage boy who had impregnated Casey you would think if he was trying to avoid paying child support that that would sadly be no longer an issue and that maybe now he would come forward.  Why all the silence??

This case gets more and more bizarre and is now being labeled as the OJ Simpson case of our time.

Are you keeping up with the trial?  What do you think?


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