Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Very Humbling Experience

Today I received my "rejection email" from an online application I put in for the Starbucks at our local grocery store. I did it on a lark, but half thought I might end up with the job, working a few hours a week while I took college classes the rest of the time.

It is all very humbling. Remember over the holiday season when I applied for that seasonal job I didn't get? I'm having deja vu.

I have a slight inkling of what may have done me in. On the required personality profile, I decided to answer honestly and not answer all the questions in superlatives, e.g. I was the best organized person at my last job, I spot all errors the first time, my chest is superawesome etc....

I answered some questions "more than" but on the question about smiling: Do you smile about the same as others, more than others or a lot more than others, I figured I'd put "about the same as others" - SCREEEEEEEEECH. I think they may have halted the application review at that point.

Some of this stems from dance class a few weeks ago. We were learning a new dance - a skirt dance, and we all had these deeply serious looks on our faces. I asked the teacher if we should be smiling during the dance like we do on the others (realizing that it was a more serious dance and that smiling might be out of place) - well, one of my dance compadres pipes up "Carma, you never smile anyway!!" Now this was at the time I decided not to pursue the program I had gotten accepted to and quit my job in the two week span. You know I was down in the dumps. But her words stung. When I am on the job I am always incredibly friendly and smile a lot. I safely could have answered the question that I smile "more than others" - but this was nagging me right there in the back of my mind and probably sealed the deal.

Have you ever had to fill out one of these online personality profiles before getting an interview. Did you answer in all superlatives?

Oh, BTW, another question asked how I felt about piercings in the workplace :-O) I answered "neutral" that I neither like a place that doesn't allow them (DUH) nor do I only want to work some place where everyone is all tatted up and pierced. This was my way of not revealing that I had a piercing or two. BTW, click here for photos :D :D

Are you a Starbucks reject? Let's commiserate.....

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