Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today's Lesson: a, j, k - How to Drive Your Teen Crazy Over the Summer But He Will Thank You in the Long Run

Since nobody reads blogs during the summer months except those of you reading this now, I've decided to post some parenting stuff and other potentially useful tips.

Last week I had a brain storm.  I had just gotten back from taking my keyboarding test at the college *97 wpm* and VC was inquiring how I am able to type so quickly.  He said there is no way he can type without looking at the keyboard.

But a second past - and I was upstairs digging through my giveaway pile locating the instructional typing CD-ROM that I purchased in 2003 for less than $10.

Lucky VC, he is now spending 5 minutes a day doing fun, interactive typing lessons.  He balked and kicked and screamed on Day 1 but then he discovered it is fun in a learned kinda way, and he has agreed to 5 minutes a day.  But not more than 5 because he told his friends on Facebook Chat that he would be back in 5 minutes and you know they must be running their stopwatches or something ;-)

He is now at 14 wpm.

Of course I'll keep you posted on his progress because I'm turning into that mom in my previous post....


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