Friday, June 24, 2011

So That's How You Are!

Facebook is getting on my nerves.  It's not the annoying people I see on MB's profile, one of whom has joined one of those multi-level marketing things *cough* pyramid scheme *cough*, who is always pushing her product.  That will fill a whole blog post, one that I intend to write later.  It's also not the people who are in love with their pets to the extreme.  Daily pet pictures and narratives in a creepy over the top way.  As if the pet is their spouse kind of way.

Who annoys me the most? It's the people who take everything you write literally!!!

I've noticed that Facebook reveals a lot of people's personalities that would have never come to light otherwise, like people who you thought had a sense of humor. Come to find out they do not.

People you did not realize were overly sensitive - come to find out they are!!!

Sometimes you discover this by writing a comment under a photo that is DELETED!!!!  Yes, this happened to me last night.  Please tell me I am not the first to have a comment deleted from the recipent's wall!  It's left me feeling like a big loser.

It was someone I went to high school with.  BTW, please don't get offended if I am not following you on Facebook.  The only reason I joined was due to that big High School reunion that occurred last year.  Other than old high school "friends," the rest of the people I've friended are family members, mostly far flung cousins.

Anyway, so this person from high school posted a photo of his brother and him from the late 1980's that they had made up as a gift for their mom.  Maybe that's where I went wrong; I'm not sure.

It was a good photo of the guy so I said something like, "Great photo.  You look smoldering. Is that a *cough* mullet."  I'd write the exact comment, only it was deleted.  Maybe it was the last part that he took offense with.  I don't know about you but I'd be flattered to be called "smoldering."  Am I wrong?

I just noticed that someone left this comment under the picture "Nice! Very Flock of Seagulls!"  Yet the Seagulls reference has not been deleted.  Another comment about his lips: and I paraphrase: "Your lips are ruby red - you need to trim your mustache and set those ruby reds free with a comment that his wife covets them as well."  That comment was not deleted.

Do you think my comment was "offensive."  I really had no idea he was so into his looks as to be offended by something like that.  It makes me question posting comments on people's photos in the future.

I did not do it with malice. I have no intention of trying to offend someone.

Sheesh!  I had some really wacky photos in the 1980's and you would be welcome to poke fun at them.  Heck, I'd even encourage it.

Contemplating removing him from my friends list because I run the risk of my fingers typing a similar comment in the future before my brain stops them.

Has anyone ever deleted a comment you left on Facebook?  Did it make you see them in a different light?


P.S. thanks to my first commenter, Janice, for being the voice of sanity - sometimes my mind does go to extremes :D  Only one way to find out for sure though - as someone in my house suggested, I need to leave the exact same comment again :D :D  Kinda like the Starbucks interview.

P.P.S. I realize that *cough* is past it's prime, remind me to stop using that expression

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