Monday, June 27, 2011

More Facebook "FUN" - next post: Dance Pics!!!

I was going to post the pictures from my belly dance recital this past weekend, but I'm too lazy to upload them, so I figured I'd continue on with more Facebook awkwardness - this time on MB's part.

BTW, I have just made this disclaimer as my latest Facebook post: "I must stop with my sarcasm/dark humor; effective today, only syrupy sweet comments on everyone's posts...." and people are already complaining about it :D

I loved reading all your comments on my previous post.  Facebook drama has added a fascinating new element of paranoia/neuroticism to our lives!

Well, my super favorite awesome cousin called last night (putting that in here in case he reads this post) -

While we were talking I mentioned that MB recently harvested 450 bulbs of garlic, from our tiny lot in the middle of suburbia. The garlic was located behind the 13 foot tall popcorn plants that we are growing, which is exactly why I refer to us at the "Addams Family," because we do what we want to do....

Pictures of garden and scary scarecrows to be posted after recital dance pics.

My cousin, being a fabulous Italian cook, suggested I put some in a brown mailing envelope to send some up North.  MB walked by as I was on the phone, so I said, "Let's send some garlic up to Cousin ___"  Then I handed him the phone because he and my cousin were starting to have lively banter back and forth.  For young people reading this, "lively banter" is what we old people use to describe conversations where people are dissing each other.

MB says to him:  "Didn't you see the pictures of the garlic that I posted on Facebook, " to which my cousin replies, "no, I did not."

At which time I reminded MB that he un-friended my dearest cousin months ago when he decided to elminiate everyone who did not rollerskate from his Facebook friends list, so as not to infiltrate the skating conversation with mundane, non-skating related stuff, the kind of stuff 99.9% of the population posts about.

So then he had to admit to my cousin that he did, in fact, remove him from his friends list and then I got back on the phone to explain MB's reasoning for said removal from his friends list; well, to such a point that it could be called "reasoning."

Have you ever removed anyone from your friend's list and then found yourself forgetting that you had done so?


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