Sunday, June 5, 2011

MB is The Godfocker - A Stunning Realization

I think part of the reason I feel so lost these days is that VC has a full schedule and is barely around leaving lots of time for my mind to wander. Between Diving and Track he will be out 4 nights a week through the summer.  Lots of other stuff going on too between a new team he's joined (more on that later), his juggling gigs and going out to the movies with friends - well, you get the point....I'm almost an empty nester *cue panic attack*

MB has been kind enough to do some more things with me to get my mind off the sad state of my job/school affairs.  Maybe getting my nose pierced while looking for a job was not the best idea. Say what?????? ;-0  Oh, yeah, I did it.

Besides that we have been watching some movies.  I patiently sat through his roller skating fave "Roll Bounce" yesterday afternoon.  It wasn't half bad. Nick Cannon was awesome in his role.  Maybe Mariah had a good sixth sense about him after seeing the movie :D

Today we watched "Meet the Fockers" and let me tell you - we both came to the exact same conclusion midway through the movie:  My dad IS Robert DeNiro in that movie:  Both Italian, Both strict with the kids, Both look strikingly similar, close in age, Brooklyn accent **YIKES**   And MB, well, he is a shoe-in for the role of the hapless son in-law who means well, is eager to please someone who is impossible to please,  always coming up short in the eyes of his FIL.  Too many examples to list.  The only difference is that MB's family is the one with the family tree obsession.

[caption id="attachment_5401" align="aligncenter" width="369" caption="My Dad - third from Left; MB - center"][/caption]

About the only thing that hasn't happened yet is the knock down drag out fight in the ball pitt.  Just give it some time. And me, I'm right there stuck in the middle.

Welcome to my world.


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