Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm Not Doing So Well :-(

Sorry if I have yet to return your encouraging comments.  The realization of my situation is starting to sink in and I've been waking up at night panicking about whether I made the wrong decision.

I mean who turns down a spot in a program that 150 people are vying for after all that testing??

I've been guilty in the past of running away from things at the first sign of adversity.  I'm sure I could have done well in the class had I given it a fair shot.  But now it is too late. The fall classes have already filled up and I'm in limbo.

If there is anything that sets off my anxiety it is the feeling of being in "limbo."

I've been searching online for jobs too and I can't help but feeling I am not living up to my full potential if I take another job like the one I just left.

Please send some positive vibes my way. I'll need all I can get to keep me moving and out of this "catatonic" state I get in when I don't know which way to go and am feeling paralyzed by my own anxiety.

Be well my friends!!  xxoo




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