Monday, June 20, 2011

I Hope I Don't Go to this Extreme. If I Do, Slap Me

For the past two days I've been periodically peeking at the comments on this article about a family in which the parents encourage their kids to embrace technology to the extreme.

Between the 5 of them there are 9 blogs, multiple twitter and tumblr accounts - some of which the kids have embraced and some of which the parents have "nudged" the kids to join.

The mom has a blog where she sometimes posts pictures about the kids that they aren't too fond of - or updates on what they are doing  despite their objections.

On this here blog I usually run all pics of VC  past him before I post them to get his approval, ditto stories about him. I've eased up on posting about him lately since I know as a teen he doesn't want all his goings on broadcast to the world.

When the family goes on vacation they bring along a bag with all sorts of cords, adapters, etc. to make sure they are constantly connected through their blogs and other social networking sites.

A lot of this doesn't seem too extreme to me but it is the pushing of the kids to blog/tweet that many find objectionable and that the family is so plugged in they are undoubtedly missing out on life.

One comenter said he'd rather be Amish than live like them.

Is this just a new fact of life - that you need to be plugged in to succeed in life in 2011 - or do you think they've gone overboard?

I feel like a hypocrite writing this post since I may or may not have commented on one of their blogs :P

Maybe this is just another sign that I am doing the right thing focusing on school and moving my life in a more mind-expanding direction....

What do  you think?  Is it time we stepped away from the Blog?

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