Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Fun Book Review and a Giveaway!! (I May Yet Strike It Rich!)

If you have a teen who loves graphic novels (narrative works in which the story is conveyed to the reader using artwork) love to draw figures - even stick figures, and have a creative bent, this is the giveaway for you.

As you know, I love to dabble in the arts. Lately that means a lot of drawings like this one from a blog post from last year showing me with my blinged-out sneakers and  "edgy" Sephora bag :D  :


Graphic novels are hot! My son, VC, first introduced me to graphic novels when he got hooked on the Bone series of books. I took a peek at them and found the books to be incredibly clever.

Barbara Slate, a graphic novelist believes it is time for all of us to get the "story out of our head(s) and onto paper."

She has written a book aptly titled "You Can Do a Graphic Novel," in which she guides the reader through the steps to creating his/her own graphic novel, with steps such as "finding a drawing style regardless of ability" - yes!!, navigating the creative process and creating memorable characters.

Something I always get hung up on is feeling that I have to outline the entire book which gets overwhelming. I like that she advocates using post-its to jot down ideas whenever they come to you - and to store them in a box until you have enough to begin writing.

VC, my 15 year old son, also shares an interest in possibly collaborating on a book someday. He said that the illustrations in the book kept him interested.  We'll see what we can come up with....stay tuned.  It may be published sometime in the year 2051.

Giveaway: To win a copy of Barbara Slate's "You Can Do a Graphic Novel," simply tell me that you would like to win and if you will be using it yourself or if you have a creative friend or child in mind.

Giveaway ends Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. EST


P.S. I've been hung up on re-learning algebra - yes, I'm already onto my next college -  and having to re-do all my testing - never give up!  Details to come....

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