Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 2 in the Life of a Starbucks Rejectee

Today I'm pondering whether it is worse to :

(a) get a rejection letter from the Starbucks in the local grocery store without even being granted an interview or

(b) get a rejection letter from a stand alone Starbucks

I'm thinking the grocery store one is worse because it has less cache. Your neighbors will see you working there and conclude that you've hit rock bottom.

And to make matters worse, VC said to me this morning that I smile way more than others!!! His comment, "You even smile when you are hurt, it's weird."

Dag nab it, why didn't he tell me that BEFORE I answered the question.

When I look back at my old blog posts I have to chuckle at all the melodrama. Like I had to bring in that part about the comment from my "sister in dance" LOL Really, if I was an outsider and came across this blog I'd be doing the head shake.

Well, on with my Starbucks coffee-less day.

This marketing major with 10+ years of stellar customer service under her belt shall take her services to a less caffeinated venue.

Do you know in the long run I'm going to make out very well moneywise now that I won't be drinking Starbucks coffee :D It's like they're paying me without hiring me!!!!

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