Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Voice

Anyone still watching?

I like to watch the show to remind myself that I have zero musical talent.  VC reiterated this again last night when I was driving him home and we were jammin' to some tune and I had my  hand up to catch the drum beat and missed the beat.  He laughed as he said it reminded him of one of his childhood memories of me missing the beat in a big way when we were driving and listening to Melissa Etheridge's breast cancer anthem. Gosh! I just blanked out on the name, googled it and came up with an article about how her then partner Tammy Lynn Michael's helped her through the tough times.  My, how times have changed...

Anyway,  I missed The Voice last week and was lured into watching this week by the rumor of a family of one of the contestants allegedly "assaulting" Christina Aguilera.  Did anyone else hear about that?

Well, if you watched the show, nothing of that sort happened.

I was happy to see Frenchie Davis advance but the whole fight in the boxing ring is a little hokey.  MEH.  The poor girl singing against her could have used some wardrobe help. I wonder if the singers are responsible for dressing themselves?   Loved it when Christina poked fun at herself by telling the contestants to focus more on their singing than on the lyrics, pointing out that she never worries about the lyrics :D

The hot cowboy advanced but I felt awful when the guy he was singing against lost. He was incredibly talented but I guess since Blake's country he had to go with the country guy, especially the one all the chicks like.

From Adam's group, Casey Weston advanced. Her Stevie Nicks rendition was fabulous, but it creeped me out a little when her dad was oogling her pushed up boobs when she came out, "Wow, that's my little girl!"  At 18 she could have toned it down a bit says this old fuddy duddy ;-)  Her speaking voice is even more baby-like than LaToya Jackson.  I think she should stick to singing.

The poor dude she beat out referred to himself as "Mr. Almost."  Boy, how I could relate.  I'm Ms. "Missed it by a long shot."  His voice was a little hard to make sense of - was it that high on purpose?

The last girl to get in - from Cee-Lo's team - wow!  She is a little dynamo - with a total Melissa Etheridge vibe.  Her dancing was a little unusual - stomping all over the place, but then who am I to judge. My dancing abilitly ranks right up there with my musical ability.

Will you keep watching or are you tired of The Voice already?  I have a feeling Adam will keep me coming back for a few more weeks ;-)

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